Winter Makeup Looks!

In my last post, Winter Outfit Ideas, I hinted at this being my next post and it made me so happy to see you guys excited for this post! A lot of these are from Makeup By Alina on Instagram because Ive recently started following her and I’ve been obsessed with her looks so you should definitely go check her out! When I think of winter makeup, I think of dark Smokey glam so that’s what I have a lot of however I tried to find looks with some pops of color. I hope you like these looks and if you do comment down below which one you liked the best! I like the blue snowflake look the best but of course they are all cool! Don’t forget to like and follow!

Winter Outfit Ideas!

If you have been following my blog for a while, then you would know that every season I do one of these and one for makeup looks too so you can be expecting that to be posted soon! I personally like fall and winter fashion the best so I get super excited about fashion for this time of the year. As per usual, I have a variety of styles to cater towards various people so no matter your style you will probably get inspiration from at least a couple of these posts. As well as style, these posts also range in causality like work appropriate to street clothes. I’m curious to see what outfits you guys liked the most so comment those down below! And don’t forget to like and follow!

New Makeup Releases! December 2019

This is my ‘New Makeup Releases’ for 2019 which is crazy because it feels like last month when I first started this series but don’t worry, I will continue it in 2020 and if you want you go back and read my past ‘New Makeup Releases’ which go all the way back to January so that will have you entertained for a while. As per usual comment down below which products you are thinking of picking up and which ones you like because I have a lot of interesting products and I want to hear your guys’ opinion. And don’t forget to like and follow!

1. E.l.f.- Glitter Eyeshadow, $5

I love this release! I have one liquid eyeshadow from smashbox and I love it! Liquid eyeshadows are so fun to use and they give you a look you can’t get with normal shadows. If I can find these in store I will definitely pick it up it’s only $5 and the swatches really pulled me in. My favorite is 24k gold, I don’t know why but it really intrigues me, and the liquid shadow I already have is a true copper red so it won’t be similar. These are available on e.l.f.s website but not in store.

2. Covergirl- Cream Blush and Cooling Glow Stick, both $10.99

Ive been really into cream blushes recently so this really intrigued me. In the packaging the shades look weird however on ULTAs website there are swatches of the shades and they look way better. I screenshoted all the swatches so you can see the swatches of all four of the shades below. I will probably pick one of these up if I see these because from what I’ve seen, I really these! These are both available now in store and of course online!

3. Nyx- Born To Glow Concealers, $9

The Born To Glow Foundation was very popular and is a lot of people holy grail so it’s not surprising that they released it in a concealer. What was surprising to me is the applicator of the concealer. It’s a sponge, kinda like the maybelline Age Rewind but not. You will see it in the picture below because I don’t know how to explain it. It’s is described as a radiant concealer and is available in 24 shades. You can buy this now online or wait till December 25 to buy it in stores.

4. Pat McGrath x Star Wars

I don’t know why but this was very surprising to me. Not the timing, the timing makes since because the last Star Wars movie is just about to come out but it just seems little random. Star Wars collating with a makeup brand, especially Pat McGrath? I mean they did a good job it’s just weird. Anyway onto the collection, there are palettes and lipsticks. Because it’s Pat McGrath, everything is crazy expensive so I won’t be picking anything up but I do think the collection is cool. The palettes have a lot of her shimmer shades which she is known for because they are wet looking and dimensional. There are 2 smaller palettes and one big one. The big one being $125 and the 2 smaller ones being $65. Crazy expensive, I know!

5. Manny MUA x Morphe- Glam Eye and Face Palette, $20 Favorites Brush Set $48

Manny has his own brand, Lunar Beauty, so I don’t know why he decided to collab with Morphe however I think the palette is cute. They also came out with a brush collection. I think the palette is a great mix of basic neutrals and pops of color, and it very much reminds me of winter. There are also 2 highlighters, a champagne tone one and a pink tone one. I really like this palette and it’s pretty only $20 so I might pick it up if I see it in ULTA but I also want the Jeffree x Morphe but I think I want this one more now. The brush set comes with face and eye brushes. This is available now on Morphes website.

Beauty Favorites! November 2019

My favorites for this month I have a variety of everything, my new favorite clothing brand, my favorite drugstore product and my favorite high end product! I wanted to have a diverse range of stuff in today’s post because this might be my last monthly Beauty Favorites of the year. I was deciding whether to do a December Favorites and a Yearly Favorites or just the Yearly Favorites so please tell me in the comments! And don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Maybelline- Fit Me Loose Setting Powder, $6.99

I recently got this and I didn’t haul it because I didn’t get any other stuff with it so I’ve been testing it in my everyday life and I really like it! It really smoothed your skin out and makes it look really good however it’s really matte but if you use a lot of dewy products or a dewy setting mist it looks fine. This is an OG product that I feel like everyone has used so I feel a little late to the trend but if somehow you haven’t used this and you late like me then I recommend you pick this up because it’s amazing!

2. Benefit- They’re Real Mascara, $25

I have this in a mini so it’s $12 but I got it in my Ipsy and I’m really glad I did. I’ve heard good things about this mascara however I didn’t want to buy it myself because I really like drugstore mascara and I can’t get myself to spend a lot of money on a mascara when the drugstore has such great mascaras! However I really like this mascara and I would repurchase this in the mini, I would not buy this in the full size because $25 is ridiculous for a mascara but I can spend $12 on a mini. What I really like about this mascara is that in lengthens, separates, and volumizes and it does all of this while keeping them natural which is rare to find in a mascara but this one does it!

3. Dip

I usually don’t have brands in my monthly favorites but I’ve really been liking this brand so I wanted to include it in this months favorites. If read my last post, Black Friday Shopping Haul, then you would have seen that I got a couple items from this brand. And on top of those items I just got, I have a lot of other clothes I already have from that brand so I have quite a few things from them. A couple of the reasons I like them so much is, they are really affordable, have a lot of sales throughout the year, are good quality, and are really cute. I swear I’m not sponsored, I just really like their stuff. Unfortunately you can only find Dip in a Kroger stores and not even online.

Black Friday Shopping Haul!

Boy did I do a lot of shopping this Black Friday! I didn’t spend as much as I did last year but I got more stuff. As usually there is a combination of makeup, skincare, and clothes. This year I got some pretty good deals on some things but on others I didn’t get any deals. I’m really interested to hear what you guys got for Black Friday and what great deals you found so please comment them! And don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Kylie Cosmetics- Kylighter, $10 (Original $18)

ULTA was having a great deal on Kylie Cosmetics, all the pressed highlighters, blushes, and bronzer were $10. I got 2 and I’m gonna give them to my friends for Christmas because I thought it was a great gift! I personally haven’t tried this formula or anything from this brand but I’ve heard great things about it so I thought my friends would like these highlighters. Also the packaging is super cute, I think the pink and silver is really unique.

2. E.l.f.- Clear Eyebrow and Lash Mascara- $2

This isn’t anything new, this is one of my favorite products and I was ran out but haven’t gone to ULTA to pick it up. This wasn’t on sale but because I was already at ULTA I wanted to pick another one up. It’s only $2 so recommend you pick it up because it’s amazing!

3. E.l.f.- The Supers Mini Skincare Kit, $15 ($18 value)

I’ve been eyeing this for a while and I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy it. I’ve been wanting to get into skincare more so I thought this would be perfect because I’ve heard good things about e.l.f. skincare and I really like their makeup so their skincare should be good too, also it’s only $15. I haven’t tried any of the products yet however I’m really excited to!

4. Brandy Melville- Flower Shirt, $20

Pacsun, which is where I bought this shirt, was having a Buy One Get One Fifty Deal so my friend and I both got Brandy Melville shirts and we were gonna pay together to get the deal but apparently the deal doesn’t apply to Brandy Melville. Not gonna lie I was a little disappointed but I got the shirt anyway because I thought it was cute, and I haven’t seen anyone with that shirt. Overall I think this shirt is really cute I just wished I got a deal on it.

5. Dip- Fuzzy Sweater, $14.50 ( Original $24)

Dip is a local clothing brand and they actual have a lot of stuff that I like and they are pretty affordable. Not to mention they have various sales throughout the year so they are even more affordable! Anyway, these kind of jackets have been very popular recently and I’ve been wanting one so once I saw this one I snatched it up real quick! There were a lot of different styles and colors however I liked this one the best.

6. Dip- Lace Sweatpants, $7 ( Original $14)

Last but not least we have another Dip item! I got a pretty good deal on these sweats, they were originally $14 which is already cheap but then it was 50% off of that and so they were only $7!!! Also I’ve been wanting these sweats for a really long time but they have never had my size until now so when I saw that they had then in my size I didn’t even care if they were on sale or not, it was nice that they were though. I really like these sweats because the side has a nice lace detailing and they were gray which surprisingly I don’t have any gray sweatpants so this added something to my closet.

Ipsy Unboxing! November 2019

It’s time for another Ipsy unboxing! Honestly I was not impressed by this box. I would over all give the box a 6.5/10 and I would rank the other two Ipsy bags before this one so it’s in 3rd place because I’ve only gotten 3 bags so far. With that being said, there are some good products in this box, which I will get to later. Because Christmas is coming around I would put this on your Christmas list or a gift for yourself because it’s a great deal and you get to try out a bunch of new products. Comment down below if you have tried any of these products and what you thought of them. Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. The balm cosmetics- Mary Liquid Luminizer

The Pressed Powder version of this highlighter is a cult favorite and has been around for forever however I’ve never heard anyone talk about the liquid version. I don’t really like liquid highlighters so I was a little tentative to try this one out.

2. Murad- Sunscreen

Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed that I got sunscreen in my Ipsy. Don’t get me wrong, sunscreen is very important and everyone should use it however I would have rather gotten another product then sunscreen. It’s very important but it’s also a little boring.

3. Grace and Stella- Black Head Removal Mask

I’m super excited to try this out! I LOVE face masks and I’ve never tried a charcoal one before and I’ve heard good things about them. This masks main is to remove black heads and there are a couple on my nose right now that I need to get rid of so this mask came at the perfect time! I love this product and I can’t wait to use it!

4. Pixie by Petra- Mesmerizing Mineral Duo

OMG this is gorgeous! I’ve been looking for the perfect champagne/gold shimmer eyeshadow and I’ve finally found it! The formula is great, the shade is perfect, I just love everything about it! I haven’t used the brown shade yet and I don’t think I will get much use out of that shade because I don’t tend to reach for Browns but I will get a lot of use out of the gold shade! Like the name it is mesmerizing, I don’t know why they called it a mesmerizing mineral duo, they could have just called it an eyeshadow duo. Pixi can be found in Target and online, I would recommend picking it up if you see it at target but I wouldn’t go out of your way to buy it if you already have a champagne shade you like. This duo isn’t unique but it is a staple that everyone needs!

5.SLMISSGLAM- Tapered Face Brush, P62

I love this brush! First of all, it looks so cool with the blue shiny handle and the gems stones, and the blue faded white bristles! But the actual brush works good to, and at first I didn’t know what I was gonna use it as but I like it to set the under eyes with loose powder, I think it works great for that. I love getting brushes in my Ipsy, because I don’t like buying them because they usually are overpriced but Ipsy bags are such a great deal I love getting brushes in them.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Girls!

It’s getting to that time of the year again when you have to buy Christmas lists. I thought I would help everyone help and make this post so people know what to get girls or for girls to put on their own Christmas lists. I have a variety of prices and types like beauty and self care to electronics. This post is kinda special to me because this was my first ever Teen Beauty Central post exactly 1 year ago so, this posts marks my 1 year anniversary! I hope this helps you out in anyway, and I know this is early but Happy Holidays! Comment below if you want a part two because I have a lot more ideas! Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Fuzzy Socks

You can get any kind of fuzzy socks, this set if from amazon which is where I get all of mine because you can get a lot for cheap and there is a lot of variety for styles. I love wearing these on spa days or when I just cold, they are super comfy and if you don’t have fuzzy socks you need them right now!

2. Bath bombs

I love taking baths and bath bombs make them more fun and they moisturize your skin! Bath bombs are big now so they are easy to find, my favorite brand though is lush. Lush were the OG and really made bath bombs a thing. My personally fav bath bombs from them is called Dragon Egg, it’s colorful and fun!

3. Favorite YouTubers Merch

A lot of YouTubers have their own merch which is their own clothing line. Someone would like this because not only are they nice clothes but they support the YouTuber. Everyone has a different favorite YouTuber so I’m not gonna add a picture for this one.

4. Face masks

Skin care and self care/self love was a big trend this year and face masks were a big part of that. Face masks can help clear up acne, moisturize and clean your skin. I like to do 2-3 face masks a week but it all depends on the person.

5. Cute Earrings

I know this isn’t very specific but I found this website called YesStyle and they have super cute earrings! Earrings can make or break a look and some you can even make a whole look around just those earrings! The ones from YesStyle are super cute, unique, and really affordable! I’m not sponsored, I just really like their stuff, they sell other stuff too like makeup and clothes but I like their earrings the best.

6. AirPods

Yes these are expensive but I have them and I love them! I actually got them for Christmas last year and I think it’s the perfect Christmas gift because I could never justify spending $150 on headphones but Christmas is the one exception, the one time of year when people splurge on the people they love and their friends. I get it if you don’t want to spend that much money on a gift and that’s fine, there are plenty of other things on this list that you can give to people.

7. Polaroids

I loving using pictures of me and my friends as decoration all over my room and Polaroids are perfect for it! You can take the picture and print it right there, not to mention they are so cute! However they are expensive and after you buy the actual camera you have to keep buying the film so the pictures will print. But that’s what Christmas is for, expensive gifts you would never buy yourself but you want so you have other people buy for you!

8. LED or Fairy Lights

Fairy lights were a big trend last year and they are still a thing now but LED lights really went big in the last month or so.

9. Kits/Sets

I love making these for my friends! I think they are more personalized then the average gift because you choose what’s in the gift. For example you could do a movie kit with their favorite movie dvd, popcorn and candy or self care with a blanket, slippers, and face masks. You can also choose how much you want to spend on it like depending on how much stuff you put in.

10. Candles

The time of the year is the peak of candle season. There are the limited edition candle scents and they make you feel so cozy when it’s so cold outside. my favorite are from Bath and Body Works but those are on the pricy side so if you find they are out of your budget then check online like amazon.