Christmas Haul! 2019

I made one of these last year and I thought I would be cool to make it into a tradition. This year I got some great presents and I’m so grateful for everything I got and I’m not in anyway trying to brag! And I would like to apologize for how late this is but we were on vacation so we didn’t get to open our presents until we got back which is already in the new year but I thought better late then never and that you guys would still like to see it so I decided to post it anyway. For Christmas I got a lot of food but I won’t show that because I don’t think that’s very interesting to show. I would love to heR what you guys got for Christmas or something you gave because it is the season of giving after all! Speaking of the season of giving, who don’t you give the post a like and give me a follow!

1. T3- 1 3/4 Curling Iron

I’ve been wanting a curling iron forever! I have pretty straight hair but I wish I had wavy hair and this curler gives such pretty waves! Not to mention it’s super cute! A lot of curling irons are kinda bland but this one is white and rose gold and just so cute! This curler would not be good for curling because it’s so thick, a 1 in curler would be better but this curler is perfect for waves which is what I want in a curler for me! If you want wavy hair though, I would recommend this curler.

2. Tarte- Lip Glossary Set

This is so cute! The packaging is cute, I love how you get so many and they are glosses so you can never have to many! I’ve tried two out so far and I love them! I already know that I won’t like the dark plum shades but that’s ok because the other shades are gorgeous! It’s a shame that the shades are exclusive to this set so if you like any of the shades you have to the set again but the formula itself is permanent in other shades. I would recommend picking this up for yourself because it’s amazing!

3. Tarte- Beauties On The Run Discovery Set

I love beauty sets because I think it’s a great way to try out a bunch of products so I’m glad to have gotten this. It has a bunch of tarte products that I don’t have yet. It comes with the, Big Ego Mascara, Amazonian Clay Blush, Base Tape Primer, and the Micellar Magic Makeup Remover. I’ve great things about all of this and we’ll update you guys on my thoughts.

4. Tarte- Eyelash Curler Set

As you can tell, I got a lot of tarte, my mom really likes them so for every holiday I expect to get a lot of tarte. And I’m not complaining because I love Tarte’s makeup, it’s really good but I feel like Tarte often goes under the radar which is unfortunate because they have so many good products! Anyway going on to this product, this is a Eyelash set with an eyelash curler and a mascara. I actually already have this mascara but I do like so I’m excited to have a backup but I’ve gotten so many new mascaras recently like I got one in the other Tarte set before this one and in my Ipsy so I’m a little overwhelmed right now. But I’m excited about the eyelash curler because the one I use right now is from the Dollar Tree and it works fine but I would just like to try one from a well known brand. Overall I really like this set!

5. Vans- Zephyr Pink and White Checkered Vans

Vans have been such a trend this year and I’m excited to hop on the trend now! I didn’t want to be to basic so I didn’t ask for the black and white checkered so I asked for the pink and white checkered! Not technically pink though, it’s called dusty rose or something and you can’t even get them anymore so if you want these then sorry you can only get the pink and white ones but they are pretty similar.

6. Kate Spade- Black Glitter Backpack

I was so shocked when I opened this because it’s Kate Spade!! And I don’t like normal bags because they are a bit of a hassle to carry around but I love backpacks! I’ve been wanting something like this for a while so I’m excited to have one and can’t wait to use it!

7. Alisha Marie- So Extra Sweatpants

I used to love watching Alisha Marie’s videos however now I don’t. Nothing against her, she so nice but he videos just aren’t interesting anymore. However I love her merch! And I’ve been eyeing this sweatpants for a while but never actually bought them so I’m happy I got them for Christmas. This sweats are so simple and if you don’t watch her then you wouldn’t know it’s merch and I like that. They are super comfy and I can’t wait to wear them!

8. Champions- Womens Hoodie

I’ve been wanting a Champions Hoodie for a long time because they are such good quality and so cute, so I’m hyped to have finally gotten one! And I got it in this really unique and gorgeous emerald jade kinda shade. I’ve worn it a couple times and it’s like wearing a blanket all day. If you haven’t I would go buy yourself one of these right now!

Best Makeup of 2019!

I tried out so many amazing products this year so I had a really hard time narrowing down this list. So the products on this list are the best of the best that I tried out this year! I tried to only include one product from each step like only 1 highlighter but for some steps I don’t have any because I didn’t have any that blew me away and I only want to recommend products that are truly spectacular. And if you guys want a worst makeup of the hear I can totally do that! Comment what your 2019 favorites were and don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Milk Makeup- Hydro Grip Primer, $30

I got this primer for my birthday in August and I’ve been hooked on it every since! It keeps your makeup on all day through sweat and heat. It doesn’t smooth or fill in pores but I’m ok with that because my powder smoothies my skin. This primer is really expensive so I would recommend going to Sephora and ask them for a sample and they will give you a free sample that is supposed to last 3 days and then you can see if you like it or not. And if you do then get the full-size because the mini is such a ripoff, it’s half the price for less then a third of the product. But anyway this was my favorite product that I have tried this year.

2. Covergirl- Vitalist Healthy Powder, $13

I got this powder at Marshall’s and it was only $3 and I love trying out new powders so I decided to pick it up. Then I fell in love! This powder is lightweight, smoothing and it doesn’t look caked on the skin. So it looks like your not wearing makeup but you have amazing skin. This is my go to powder! I would rebuy it at full price if I run out.

3. Maybelline- Dream Urban Cover Foundation, $13

It’s hard to impress me with a foundation because to me, foundation is boring, but this one impressed me. It has a beautiful natural finish so you can make it matte or dewy which is love! And it works great with all of my other products. I don’t really know what makes a foundation good or not other then the things I just listed but just know it’s great and I would 10/10 recommend!

4. Benefit- Gimme Brow, $24

This product is so easy to use, you just swipe it on and your good, you brows are filled in and they will stay in place all day. It gives your brows a nice feathery look but of course you can use it with different brow products to alter your brow like adding pomade to make them bolder. However I like to use this product all by itself. If you are planning to pick this product up, which I recommend you should, get the mini because I have it and it has lasted me a long time and it’s half the cost.

5. E.l.f- Brow Pencil and Clear Brow Gel Duo, $2 each

I decided to put these together because they are both elf and use them together. I got introduced to both of these this year and they really changed my brow game. Before these, I used eyeliner as my brow pencil πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ,what was I thinking?! I’m happy to say that now I found brow products that are meant for your brows and work great! It’s even better that they are even only $2 a piece!

6. Milk Makeup- Lip + Cheek, $28

This is a cream product that can be used on your lips or as a blush. I personally like to use it as a blush because it gives a beautiful wash of color and is very natural. I used to not like blush because it was so matte so I stopped using blush all together but then I found out that I was just using the wrong kind of blush so I switched to cream blushes and I love it! Why does that sound like a medicine commercial lol. But anyway, cream blush is the way to go!

7. Wet n Wild- Megaglow highlighters, $5

These were HUGE a couple of years ago then they kinda died down but you still hear people talk about them time to time. And I’m one of those people because this highlighter is so pretty and it’s amazing how cheap it is! This highlighter is blending and wet looking but you can make it natural with a light hand so it’s versatile. And they have many different shades for different skin tones or if you just like different shades. My personal favorite shade is Golden Flower Crown and as the name suggests, it is very golden.

8. Benefit- Hoola Bronzer, $30

This is such a basic bronzer that I feel ashamed to have tried it this late but better late then never. I got a free sample as my birthday gift from ULTA this year and I’m so glad I did. This bronzer is just perfect, the perfect shade, perfect color, and perfect formula! I just could rave about this bronzer more, and if you haven’t tried it yet then you need to! It’s pretty expensive but they have a mini if you would rather buy that.

9. Maybelline- Age Rewind Concealer, $9

I got this concealer really early in the year and I continued to use it throughout the year and I’m more then half way done with it. And that’s rare because I have so much makeup that I really ever use over half of a product which is kinda sad. This concealer is unique because of the applicator which is a sponge which is fun to apply with however DO NOT use the sponge on top to blend it out with, I know a lot of people to tried out this concealer and did that didn’t like and were confused by why everyone liked this concealer. This concealer is pretty natural so prefect for everyday makeup!

10. E.l.f- Camo Concealer, $5

This was one of this years most hyped launches so of course I had to try it out. It was really hyped because it is supposed to be a dupe for the holy grail Tarte Shape Tape and the elf even has the fat wand to copy the Shape Tape. I have never tried Shape Tape so I don’t know if it’s a dupe or not however I really like this concealer. It is pretty thick and full coverage so only use a tiny bit or it looks cakey. I love to use this concealer for when I want full glam. And if you like full coverage concealers then you should check this one out because it’s only $5!

11. It Cosmetics- Superhero Mascara, $24

This was in my favorites post last year but guess what, it stood the test of time and I love it! This might be one of the only products that I liked then that I still like now, if you want I could make a post about products I liked a year ago and if I still like them. I’ve raved about this mascara so many times but in case your new, I like this mascara because it lengthens, separates, and volumizes your lashes. Which is basically all I want in a mascara so I love it and I would recommend you try it out but get the mini first which is only $12!

12. Wet n Wild- RosΓ© in the air Eyeshadow Palette, $5

I got this palette last year during Black Friday and it was only $3 so I just picked it up because it was so cheap. This palette is really basic and has all the staples but with a couple pops of color which I love! This palette is actually a dupe for ABH’s Modern Renaissance which is a very popular palette and a lot of people’s holy grails. The actual formula is very blendable and pigmented. And if this color story doesn’t intrigue then you can try out the other color schemes that have the same formula.

13. Marc Jacobs- Gel Lip Liner, $25

I got this is a set with a mini lipgloss, mini lipgloss and of course the mini lip liner and I fell in love upon the first use! It’s sooo creamy and it’s not dry and it’s just looks so nice on the lips! Yes these are very expensive so I would put them on your Christmas or birthday list but if you want to treat or spoil yourself I would pick this up. They have many shades but my favorite is of course a nude and it’s called, Cream and Sugar.

Ipsy Unboxing! December 2019

This months theme was Shine something and this months definitely reflected that because of the products I got this month. You can look ahead to see what you are getting every month but I don’t like to look because I like surprises but I have a friend who likes to look at what I’m getting and she said that this months box was the best box I have gotten yet. So my expectations were high so I was kinda disappointed when the box came, everything would be perfect but with little adjustments. Tell me in comments what your thoughts are on these products. And don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Juliette Has A Gun- Not A Perfume

I’ve never really been a big perfume wearer but I was excited to try this one out. And this perfume is supposed to do some science and match with your skin to make a unique scent to you. But I hate it! It smells like grandma and not that that’s bad but I’m a teen and I don’t want to smell like a grandma at my age. Because the scent is different for everyone, I’m gonna give it to my friend because she loves perfumes and hopefully she enjoys it more then I do!

2. Coloured Raine- Glowlighter

I LOVE highlighters as you guys know, so I was stoked to get this highlighter in my Ipsy this month! Coloured Raine is a black owned brand that I think is online exclusive and I’ve been wanting to try them out so I was super excited to try this highlighter! This shade is a little dark and a little orange but I can make it work. And it’s very blinding and the packaging is sleek and pretty.

3. Thrive Causemetics- Lash Extension Mascara

I love mascara and I love trying out new mascaras however I have so many open right now and because it expires quickly I don’t want to open it not to use it. So I will open it in a couple months once I finish some of my current mascaras so I don’t waste it. So sorry I can’t give you guys a review on it but I will update you guys in it once I try it out.

4. Tarte- Parklane Princess Bronzer

I love bronzers but I don’t have very many so this would be a great addition to my collection. The sample I got was pretty small and the packing was cheap but I don’t mind that if the product is good. The bronzer is fine but there is just a little too much shimmer for me and one shade darker would be perfect but I make it work!

5. Luxie Brushes- #237

This brush is a small blending brush that you could use to buff out your transition shade. I have a lot of blending brushes but none like this so I’m glad to get something new. I also love the packaging, the silver compliments the lavender handle. I’ve heard great things about luxie brushes for a long time so I’m excited to see what all the hype is about!

Winter Nail Ideas!

Nails are such a underrated part of your appearance and they make such a difference! I love to change my nails based on season so I thought I would give you guys some inspo for winter nails. Some are Christmas themed but most are just winter themed. I really like these nails are I really want to get some of these designs and I want to hear which ones you guys liked so comment those down below! Don’t forget to like and follow!

Beauty Haul!

It’s been a while since I made one of these and I recently went to ULTA so I picked up some stuff and I thought I would show you guys what I got. I got some skincare and makeup but I didn’t get much this time because it’s the Christmas season so I’m broke because I’ve been spending so much on gifts for other people. But I decided to treat myself with this stuff. I’d love to know what you guys have picked up recently so comment that below! And don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Morphe x Manny MUA- Glam Palette, $10 (Originally $20)

I talked about this palette in my last post, Makeup I Want and I was planning on picking it up for a while or until after Christmas at least however there was a great deal going on at ULTA so I needed to take advantage so I decided to buy it now. This is long so stay with me here, the palette is originally $20 which is already cheap because Morphe always prices their palettes low, but for some reason it was $15 at ULTA and I had a, ‘Get $5 off $15 Coupon’ so I only paid $10 for a palette that is originally $20!! What a great deal! I’ve never tried Morphe’s palettes are anything from Morphe actually so I was really excited to get this. This palette is really pretty and has neutrals with some pink pops of color and 2 highlighters. I recommend picking up this palette, even if you get it at full price, it’s still a great deal!

2. Beauty Treats- Rose and Aloe Vera Sheet Face Masks, $1.50 each

These are a stable in my skincare routine! I use one at least once a week and I always have backups but I was running low so I wanted to pick some more up. You can these at Daiso Japan which is where I get mine but you can also get them online. Which is good because I think Daiso Japan might be a local chain. It’s like Asian heaven! Asian snacks, makeup, skincare, stationary, cutlery, containers of all sizes, fuzzy socks, and soooo much more! It’s amazing! And what’s even cooler is that everything there is $1.50 unless marked otherwise but most things are $1.50. I found this online for where they have stores.

Makeup I Want To Buy!

I haven’t made one of these posts in a while which is surprising because I love making them, so I thought I would make one today. The last time I posted one of these was in the summer so I made this a priority to post one this month! There are way more then five products that I want right now because there have been so many new releases and because I haven’t done one in a while so there are even more products to cover. I would love to hear what products have been on your wishlist so comment those below! Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Milk Makeup- Cooling Water Stick, $15 ($28 for the full size)

This was a big thing last year or so but I never got it. Even though the hype died down, I still want it. I feel like this product would be great for when you wake up in the morning to roll under eyes or all around the face. So i would use it to be more skincare for me then primer. And because I’ve been getting into skincare recently I think that this would be a good addition!

2. Milk Makeup- Cream Bronzer, $15 ($26 for the full size)

This again isn’t a new product but I haven’t seen many brands come out with these and this particular bronzer is a lot of people’s holy grails. Bronzer is one of me favorite steps because I feel like it makes you look ten times better! But I’ve never tried cream bronzer so I’m hoping I’ll like it just as much as powder bronzer. I feel like I’m gonna forget I need to put it on before powder a lot lol. I also love milk makeups products so I’m sure I’ll love this one too!

3. Facullure- Endless Possibilities, $20

This palette is stunning, its a great mix of neutrals and vibrant colors! I heard of this brand through Juicy Jas on YouTube and I really liked the palette so I went to their website and they have a lot of amazing products! This palette still intrigued me the most but what made me want to buy it even more is the price! I can’t believe this palette is only $20 and there are 30 shades! The 30 shades are, like I said before, a mix of neutrals and vibrant colors and I think this palette would add a lot to my collection. Unfortunately you can only get these palettes online at Focallures website. Also they were having a 40% sale when the screenshot was taken so just know that the palette is $20 and not $14.

4. Catrice- Dewy Setting Mist, $7.99

I’ve been really into dewy makeup recently and I think this spray would take my game to a whole nother level. Every YouTuber raves about this setting spray and believe it or not I don’t own a single setting spray so I think this would be a great place to start out. Catrice has a lot of setting sprays and I have heard good things about all of them however this is the most popular spray from them and as I said before, it’s dewy!

5. Morphe x Manny MUA- Glam Palette, $20

This palette reminds me so much of winter and it’s so pretty! It’s pretty basic but it has a couple pops of colors and the highlighters in the palette look gorgeous. And for $20, this palette is a steal. I really want this palette so I’ll probably pick it up as a Christmas gift to myself! I don’t have any Morphe palettes or any Morphe products period so I don’t know any of their formulas however I’ve heard good things about it.

Winter Makeup Looks!

In my last post, Winter Outfit Ideas, I hinted at this being my next post and it made me so happy to see you guys excited for this post! A lot of these are from Makeup By Alina on Instagram because Ive recently started following her and I’ve been obsessed with her looks so you should definitely go check her out! When I think of winter makeup, I think of dark Smokey glam so that’s what I have a lot of however I tried to find looks with some pops of color. I hope you like these looks and if you do comment down below which one you liked the best! I like the blue snowflake look the best but of course they are all cool! Don’t forget to like and follow!