Christmas Haul! 2019

I made one of these last year and I thought I would be cool to make it into a tradition. This year I got some great presents and I’m so grateful for everything I got and I’m not in anyway trying to brag! And I would like to apologize for how late this is but we were on vacation so we didn’t get to open our presents until we got back which is already in the new year but I thought better late then never and that you guys would still like to see it so I decided to post it anyway. For Christmas I got a lot of food but I won’t show that because I don’t think that’s very interesting to show. I would love to heR what you guys got for Christmas or something you gave because it is the season of giving after all! Speaking of the season of giving, who don’t you give the post a like and give me a follow!

1. T3- 1 3/4 Curling Iron

I’ve been wanting a curling iron forever! I have pretty straight hair but I wish I had wavy hair and this curler gives such pretty waves! Not to mention it’s super cute! A lot of curling irons are kinda bland but this one is white and rose gold and just so cute! This curler would not be good for curling because it’s so thick, a 1 in curler would be better but this curler is perfect for waves which is what I want in a curler for me! If you want wavy hair though, I would recommend this curler.

2. Tarte- Lip Glossary Set

This is so cute! The packaging is cute, I love how you get so many and they are glosses so you can never have to many! I’ve tried two out so far and I love them! I already know that I won’t like the dark plum shades but that’s ok because the other shades are gorgeous! It’s a shame that the shades are exclusive to this set so if you like any of the shades you have to the set again but the formula itself is permanent in other shades. I would recommend picking this up for yourself because it’s amazing!

3. Tarte- Beauties On The Run Discovery Set

I love beauty sets because I think it’s a great way to try out a bunch of products so I’m glad to have gotten this. It has a bunch of tarte products that I don’t have yet. It comes with the, Big Ego Mascara, Amazonian Clay Blush, Base Tape Primer, and the Micellar Magic Makeup Remover. I’ve great things about all of this and we’ll update you guys on my thoughts.

4. Tarte- Eyelash Curler Set

As you can tell, I got a lot of tarte, my mom really likes them so for every holiday I expect to get a lot of tarte. And I’m not complaining because I love Tarte’s makeup, it’s really good but I feel like Tarte often goes under the radar which is unfortunate because they have so many good products! Anyway going on to this product, this is a Eyelash set with an eyelash curler and a mascara. I actually already have this mascara but I do like so I’m excited to have a backup but I’ve gotten so many new mascaras recently like I got one in the other Tarte set before this one and in my Ipsy so I’m a little overwhelmed right now. But I’m excited about the eyelash curler because the one I use right now is from the Dollar Tree and it works fine but I would just like to try one from a well known brand. Overall I really like this set!

5. Vans- Zephyr Pink and White Checkered Vans

Vans have been such a trend this year and I’m excited to hop on the trend now! I didn’t want to be to basic so I didn’t ask for the black and white checkered so I asked for the pink and white checkered! Not technically pink though, it’s called dusty rose or something and you can’t even get them anymore so if you want these then sorry you can only get the pink and white ones but they are pretty similar.

6. Kate Spade- Black Glitter Backpack

I was so shocked when I opened this because it’s Kate Spade!! And I don’t like normal bags because they are a bit of a hassle to carry around but I love backpacks! I’ve been wanting something like this for a while so I’m excited to have one and can’t wait to use it!

7. Alisha Marie- So Extra Sweatpants

I used to love watching Alisha Marie’s videos however now I don’t. Nothing against her, she so nice but he videos just aren’t interesting anymore. However I love her merch! And I’ve been eyeing this sweatpants for a while but never actually bought them so I’m happy I got them for Christmas. This sweats are so simple and if you don’t watch her then you wouldn’t know it’s merch and I like that. They are super comfy and I can’t wait to wear them!

8. Champions- Womens Hoodie

I’ve been wanting a Champions Hoodie for a long time because they are such good quality and so cute, so I’m hyped to have finally gotten one! And I got it in this really unique and gorgeous emerald jade kinda shade. I’ve worn it a couple times and it’s like wearing a blanket all day. If you haven’t I would go buy yourself one of these right now!

Best Makeup of 2019!

I tried out so many amazing products this year so I had a really hard time narrowing down this list. So the products on this list are the best of the best that I tried out this year! I tried to only include one product from each step like only 1 highlighter but for some steps I don’t have any because I didn’t have any that blew me away and I only want to recommend products that are truly spectacular. And if you guys want a worst makeup of the hear I can totally do that! Comment what your 2019 favorites were and don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Milk Makeup- Hydro Grip Primer, $30

I got this primer for my birthday in August and I’ve been hooked on it every since! It keeps your makeup on all day through sweat and heat. It doesn’t smooth or fill in pores but I’m ok with that because my powder smoothies my skin. This primer is really expensive so I would recommend going to Sephora and ask them for a sample and they will give you a free sample that is supposed to last 3 days and then you can see if you like it or not. And if you do then get the full-size because the mini is such a ripoff, it’s half the price for less then a third of the product. But anyway this was my favorite product that I have tried this year.

2. Covergirl- Vitalist Healthy Powder, $13

I got this powder at Marshall’s and it was only $3 and I love trying out new powders so I decided to pick it up. Then I fell in love! This powder is lightweight, smoothing and it doesn’t look caked on the skin. So it looks like your not wearing makeup but you have amazing skin. This is my go to powder! I would rebuy it at full price if I run out.

3. Maybelline- Dream Urban Cover Foundation, $13

It’s hard to impress me with a foundation because to me, foundation is boring, but this one impressed me. It has a beautiful natural finish so you can make it matte or dewy which is love! And it works great with all of my other products. I don’t really know what makes a foundation good or not other then the things I just listed but just know it’s great and I would 10/10 recommend!

4. Benefit- Gimme Brow, $24

This product is so easy to use, you just swipe it on and your good, you brows are filled in and they will stay in place all day. It gives your brows a nice feathery look but of course you can use it with different brow products to alter your brow like adding pomade to make them bolder. However I like to use this product all by itself. If you are planning to pick this product up, which I recommend you should, get the mini because I have it and it has lasted me a long time and it’s half the cost.

5. E.l.f- Brow Pencil and Clear Brow Gel Duo, $2 each

I decided to put these together because they are both elf and use them together. I got introduced to both of these this year and they really changed my brow game. Before these, I used eyeliner as my brow pencil 🤦‍♀️,what was I thinking?! I’m happy to say that now I found brow products that are meant for your brows and work great! It’s even better that they are even only $2 a piece!

6. Milk Makeup- Lip + Cheek, $28

This is a cream product that can be used on your lips or as a blush. I personally like to use it as a blush because it gives a beautiful wash of color and is very natural. I used to not like blush because it was so matte so I stopped using blush all together but then I found out that I was just using the wrong kind of blush so I switched to cream blushes and I love it! Why does that sound like a medicine commercial lol. But anyway, cream blush is the way to go!

7. Wet n Wild- Megaglow highlighters, $5

These were HUGE a couple of years ago then they kinda died down but you still hear people talk about them time to time. And I’m one of those people because this highlighter is so pretty and it’s amazing how cheap it is! This highlighter is blending and wet looking but you can make it natural with a light hand so it’s versatile. And they have many different shades for different skin tones or if you just like different shades. My personal favorite shade is Golden Flower Crown and as the name suggests, it is very golden.

8. Benefit- Hoola Bronzer, $30

This is such a basic bronzer that I feel ashamed to have tried it this late but better late then never. I got a free sample as my birthday gift from ULTA this year and I’m so glad I did. This bronzer is just perfect, the perfect shade, perfect color, and perfect formula! I just could rave about this bronzer more, and if you haven’t tried it yet then you need to! It’s pretty expensive but they have a mini if you would rather buy that.

9. Maybelline- Age Rewind Concealer, $9

I got this concealer really early in the year and I continued to use it throughout the year and I’m more then half way done with it. And that’s rare because I have so much makeup that I really ever use over half of a product which is kinda sad. This concealer is unique because of the applicator which is a sponge which is fun to apply with however DO NOT use the sponge on top to blend it out with, I know a lot of people to tried out this concealer and did that didn’t like and were confused by why everyone liked this concealer. This concealer is pretty natural so prefect for everyday makeup!

10. E.l.f- Camo Concealer, $5

This was one of this years most hyped launches so of course I had to try it out. It was really hyped because it is supposed to be a dupe for the holy grail Tarte Shape Tape and the elf even has the fat wand to copy the Shape Tape. I have never tried Shape Tape so I don’t know if it’s a dupe or not however I really like this concealer. It is pretty thick and full coverage so only use a tiny bit or it looks cakey. I love to use this concealer for when I want full glam. And if you like full coverage concealers then you should check this one out because it’s only $5!

11. It Cosmetics- Superhero Mascara, $24

This was in my favorites post last year but guess what, it stood the test of time and I love it! This might be one of the only products that I liked then that I still like now, if you want I could make a post about products I liked a year ago and if I still like them. I’ve raved about this mascara so many times but in case your new, I like this mascara because it lengthens, separates, and volumizes your lashes. Which is basically all I want in a mascara so I love it and I would recommend you try it out but get the mini first which is only $12!

12. Wet n Wild- Rosé in the air Eyeshadow Palette, $5

I got this palette last year during Black Friday and it was only $3 so I just picked it up because it was so cheap. This palette is really basic and has all the staples but with a couple pops of color which I love! This palette is actually a dupe for ABH’s Modern Renaissance which is a very popular palette and a lot of people’s holy grails. The actual formula is very blendable and pigmented. And if this color story doesn’t intrigue then you can try out the other color schemes that have the same formula.

13. Marc Jacobs- Gel Lip Liner, $25

I got this is a set with a mini lipgloss, mini lipgloss and of course the mini lip liner and I fell in love upon the first use! It’s sooo creamy and it’s not dry and it’s just looks so nice on the lips! Yes these are very expensive so I would put them on your Christmas or birthday list but if you want to treat or spoil yourself I would pick this up. They have many shades but my favorite is of course a nude and it’s called, Cream and Sugar.

Ipsy Unboxing! December 2019

This months theme was Shine something and this months definitely reflected that because of the products I got this month. You can look ahead to see what you are getting every month but I don’t like to look because I like surprises but I have a friend who likes to look at what I’m getting and she said that this months box was the best box I have gotten yet. So my expectations were high so I was kinda disappointed when the box came, everything would be perfect but with little adjustments. Tell me in comments what your thoughts are on these products. And don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Juliette Has A Gun- Not A Perfume

I’ve never really been a big perfume wearer but I was excited to try this one out. And this perfume is supposed to do some science and match with your skin to make a unique scent to you. But I hate it! It smells like grandma and not that that’s bad but I’m a teen and I don’t want to smell like a grandma at my age. Because the scent is different for everyone, I’m gonna give it to my friend because she loves perfumes and hopefully she enjoys it more then I do!

2. Coloured Raine- Glowlighter

I LOVE highlighters as you guys know, so I was stoked to get this highlighter in my Ipsy this month! Coloured Raine is a black owned brand that I think is online exclusive and I’ve been wanting to try them out so I was super excited to try this highlighter! This shade is a little dark and a little orange but I can make it work. And it’s very blinding and the packaging is sleek and pretty.

3. Thrive Causemetics- Lash Extension Mascara

I love mascara and I love trying out new mascaras however I have so many open right now and because it expires quickly I don’t want to open it not to use it. So I will open it in a couple months once I finish some of my current mascaras so I don’t waste it. So sorry I can’t give you guys a review on it but I will update you guys in it once I try it out.

4. Tarte- Parklane Princess Bronzer

I love bronzers but I don’t have very many so this would be a great addition to my collection. The sample I got was pretty small and the packing was cheap but I don’t mind that if the product is good. The bronzer is fine but there is just a little too much shimmer for me and one shade darker would be perfect but I make it work!

5. Luxie Brushes- #237

This brush is a small blending brush that you could use to buff out your transition shade. I have a lot of blending brushes but none like this so I’m glad to get something new. I also love the packaging, the silver compliments the lavender handle. I’ve heard great things about luxie brushes for a long time so I’m excited to see what all the hype is about!

Winter Nail Ideas!

Nails are such a underrated part of your appearance and they make such a difference! I love to change my nails based on season so I thought I would give you guys some inspo for winter nails. Some are Christmas themed but most are just winter themed. I really like these nails are I really want to get some of these designs and I want to hear which ones you guys liked so comment those down below! Don’t forget to like and follow!

Beauty Haul!

It’s been a while since I made one of these and I recently went to ULTA so I picked up some stuff and I thought I would show you guys what I got. I got some skincare and makeup but I didn’t get much this time because it’s the Christmas season so I’m broke because I’ve been spending so much on gifts for other people. But I decided to treat myself with this stuff. I’d love to know what you guys have picked up recently so comment that below! And don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Morphe x Manny MUA- Glam Palette, $10 (Originally $20)

I talked about this palette in my last post, Makeup I Want and I was planning on picking it up for a while or until after Christmas at least however there was a great deal going on at ULTA so I needed to take advantage so I decided to buy it now. This is long so stay with me here, the palette is originally $20 which is already cheap because Morphe always prices their palettes low, but for some reason it was $15 at ULTA and I had a, ‘Get $5 off $15 Coupon’ so I only paid $10 for a palette that is originally $20!! What a great deal! I’ve never tried Morphe’s palettes are anything from Morphe actually so I was really excited to get this. This palette is really pretty and has neutrals with some pink pops of color and 2 highlighters. I recommend picking up this palette, even if you get it at full price, it’s still a great deal!

2. Beauty Treats- Rose and Aloe Vera Sheet Face Masks, $1.50 each

These are a stable in my skincare routine! I use one at least once a week and I always have backups but I was running low so I wanted to pick some more up. You can these at Daiso Japan which is where I get mine but you can also get them online. Which is good because I think Daiso Japan might be a local chain. It’s like Asian heaven! Asian snacks, makeup, skincare, stationary, cutlery, containers of all sizes, fuzzy socks, and soooo much more! It’s amazing! And what’s even cooler is that everything there is $1.50 unless marked otherwise but most things are $1.50. I found this online for where they have stores.

Makeup I Want To Buy!

I haven’t made one of these posts in a while which is surprising because I love making them, so I thought I would make one today. The last time I posted one of these was in the summer so I made this a priority to post one this month! There are way more then five products that I want right now because there have been so many new releases and because I haven’t done one in a while so there are even more products to cover. I would love to hear what products have been on your wishlist so comment those below! Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Milk Makeup- Cooling Water Stick, $15 ($28 for the full size)

This was a big thing last year or so but I never got it. Even though the hype died down, I still want it. I feel like this product would be great for when you wake up in the morning to roll under eyes or all around the face. So i would use it to be more skincare for me then primer. And because I’ve been getting into skincare recently I think that this would be a good addition!

2. Milk Makeup- Cream Bronzer, $15 ($26 for the full size)

This again isn’t a new product but I haven’t seen many brands come out with these and this particular bronzer is a lot of people’s holy grails. Bronzer is one of me favorite steps because I feel like it makes you look ten times better! But I’ve never tried cream bronzer so I’m hoping I’ll like it just as much as powder bronzer. I feel like I’m gonna forget I need to put it on before powder a lot lol. I also love milk makeups products so I’m sure I’ll love this one too!

3. Facullure- Endless Possibilities, $20

This palette is stunning, its a great mix of neutrals and vibrant colors! I heard of this brand through Juicy Jas on YouTube and I really liked the palette so I went to their website and they have a lot of amazing products! This palette still intrigued me the most but what made me want to buy it even more is the price! I can’t believe this palette is only $20 and there are 30 shades! The 30 shades are, like I said before, a mix of neutrals and vibrant colors and I think this palette would add a lot to my collection. Unfortunately you can only get these palettes online at Focallures website. Also they were having a 40% sale when the screenshot was taken so just know that the palette is $20 and not $14.

4. Catrice- Dewy Setting Mist, $7.99

I’ve been really into dewy makeup recently and I think this spray would take my game to a whole nother level. Every YouTuber raves about this setting spray and believe it or not I don’t own a single setting spray so I think this would be a great place to start out. Catrice has a lot of setting sprays and I have heard good things about all of them however this is the most popular spray from them and as I said before, it’s dewy!

5. Morphe x Manny MUA- Glam Palette, $20

This palette reminds me so much of winter and it’s so pretty! It’s pretty basic but it has a couple pops of colors and the highlighters in the palette look gorgeous. And for $20, this palette is a steal. I really want this palette so I’ll probably pick it up as a Christmas gift to myself! I don’t have any Morphe palettes or any Morphe products period so I don’t know any of their formulas however I’ve heard good things about it.

Winter Makeup Looks!

In my last post, Winter Outfit Ideas, I hinted at this being my next post and it made me so happy to see you guys excited for this post! A lot of these are from Makeup By Alina on Instagram because Ive recently started following her and I’ve been obsessed with her looks so you should definitely go check her out! When I think of winter makeup, I think of dark Smokey glam so that’s what I have a lot of however I tried to find looks with some pops of color. I hope you like these looks and if you do comment down below which one you liked the best! I like the blue snowflake look the best but of course they are all cool! Don’t forget to like and follow!

Winter Outfit Ideas!

If you have been following my blog for a while, then you would know that every season I do one of these and one for makeup looks too so you can be expecting that to be posted soon! I personally like fall and winter fashion the best so I get super excited about fashion for this time of the year. As per usual, I have a variety of styles to cater towards various people so no matter your style you will probably get inspiration from at least a couple of these posts. As well as style, these posts also range in causality like work appropriate to street clothes. I’m curious to see what outfits you guys liked the most so comment those down below! And don’t forget to like and follow!

New Makeup Releases! December 2019

This is my ‘New Makeup Releases’ for 2019 which is crazy because it feels like last month when I first started this series but don’t worry, I will continue it in 2020 and if you want you go back and read my past ‘New Makeup Releases’ which go all the way back to January so that will have you entertained for a while. As per usual comment down below which products you are thinking of picking up and which ones you like because I have a lot of interesting products and I want to hear your guys’ opinion. And don’t forget to like and follow!

1. E.l.f.- Glitter Eyeshadow, $5

I love this release! I have one liquid eyeshadow from smashbox and I love it! Liquid eyeshadows are so fun to use and they give you a look you can’t get with normal shadows. If I can find these in store I will definitely pick it up it’s only $5 and the swatches really pulled me in. My favorite is 24k gold, I don’t know why but it really intrigues me, and the liquid shadow I already have is a true copper red so it won’t be similar. These are available on e.l.f.s website but not in store.

2. Covergirl- Cream Blush and Cooling Glow Stick, both $10.99

Ive been really into cream blushes recently so this really intrigued me. In the packaging the shades look weird however on ULTAs website there are swatches of the shades and they look way better. I screenshoted all the swatches so you can see the swatches of all four of the shades below. I will probably pick one of these up if I see these because from what I’ve seen, I really these! These are both available now in store and of course online!

3. Nyx- Born To Glow Concealers, $9

The Born To Glow Foundation was very popular and is a lot of people holy grail so it’s not surprising that they released it in a concealer. What was surprising to me is the applicator of the concealer. It’s a sponge, kinda like the maybelline Age Rewind but not. You will see it in the picture below because I don’t know how to explain it. It’s is described as a radiant concealer and is available in 24 shades. You can buy this now online or wait till December 25 to buy it in stores.

4. Pat McGrath x Star Wars

I don’t know why but this was very surprising to me. Not the timing, the timing makes since because the last Star Wars movie is just about to come out but it just seems little random. Star Wars collating with a makeup brand, especially Pat McGrath? I mean they did a good job it’s just weird. Anyway onto the collection, there are palettes and lipsticks. Because it’s Pat McGrath, everything is crazy expensive so I won’t be picking anything up but I do think the collection is cool. The palettes have a lot of her shimmer shades which she is known for because they are wet looking and dimensional. There are 2 smaller palettes and one big one. The big one being $125 and the 2 smaller ones being $65. Crazy expensive, I know!

5. Manny MUA x Morphe- Glam Eye and Face Palette, $20 Favorites Brush Set $48

Manny has his own brand, Lunar Beauty, so I don’t know why he decided to collab with Morphe however I think the palette is cute. They also came out with a brush collection. I think the palette is a great mix of basic neutrals and pops of color, and it very much reminds me of winter. There are also 2 highlighters, a champagne tone one and a pink tone one. I really like this palette and it’s pretty only $20 so I might pick it up if I see it in ULTA but I also want the Jeffree x Morphe but I think I want this one more now. The brush set comes with face and eye brushes. This is available now on Morphes website.

Beauty Favorites! November 2019

My favorites for this month I have a variety of everything, my new favorite clothing brand, my favorite drugstore product and my favorite high end product! I wanted to have a diverse range of stuff in today’s post because this might be my last monthly Beauty Favorites of the year. I was deciding whether to do a December Favorites and a Yearly Favorites or just the Yearly Favorites so please tell me in the comments! And don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Maybelline- Fit Me Loose Setting Powder, $6.99

I recently got this and I didn’t haul it because I didn’t get any other stuff with it so I’ve been testing it in my everyday life and I really like it! It really smoothed your skin out and makes it look really good however it’s really matte but if you use a lot of dewy products or a dewy setting mist it looks fine. This is an OG product that I feel like everyone has used so I feel a little late to the trend but if somehow you haven’t used this and you late like me then I recommend you pick this up because it’s amazing!

2. Benefit- They’re Real Mascara, $25

I have this in a mini so it’s $12 but I got it in my Ipsy and I’m really glad I did. I’ve heard good things about this mascara however I didn’t want to buy it myself because I really like drugstore mascara and I can’t get myself to spend a lot of money on a mascara when the drugstore has such great mascaras! However I really like this mascara and I would repurchase this in the mini, I would not buy this in the full size because $25 is ridiculous for a mascara but I can spend $12 on a mini. What I really like about this mascara is that in lengthens, separates, and volumizes and it does all of this while keeping them natural which is rare to find in a mascara but this one does it!

3. Dip

I usually don’t have brands in my monthly favorites but I’ve really been liking this brand so I wanted to include it in this months favorites. If read my last post, Black Friday Shopping Haul, then you would have seen that I got a couple items from this brand. And on top of those items I just got, I have a lot of other clothes I already have from that brand so I have quite a few things from them. A couple of the reasons I like them so much is, they are really affordable, have a lot of sales throughout the year, are good quality, and are really cute. I swear I’m not sponsored, I just really like their stuff. Unfortunately you can only find Dip in a Kroger stores and not even online.

Black Friday Shopping Haul!

Boy did I do a lot of shopping this Black Friday! I didn’t spend as much as I did last year but I got more stuff. As usually there is a combination of makeup, skincare, and clothes. This year I got some pretty good deals on some things but on others I didn’t get any deals. I’m really interested to hear what you guys got for Black Friday and what great deals you found so please comment them! And don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Kylie Cosmetics- Kylighter, $10 (Original $18)

ULTA was having a great deal on Kylie Cosmetics, all the pressed highlighters, blushes, and bronzer were $10. I got 2 and I’m gonna give them to my friends for Christmas because I thought it was a great gift! I personally haven’t tried this formula or anything from this brand but I’ve heard great things about it so I thought my friends would like these highlighters. Also the packaging is super cute, I think the pink and silver is really unique.

2. E.l.f.- Clear Eyebrow and Lash Mascara- $2

This isn’t anything new, this is one of my favorite products and I was ran out but haven’t gone to ULTA to pick it up. This wasn’t on sale but because I was already at ULTA I wanted to pick another one up. It’s only $2 so recommend you pick it up because it’s amazing!

3. E.l.f.- The Supers Mini Skincare Kit, $15 ($18 value)

I’ve been eyeing this for a while and I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy it. I’ve been wanting to get into skincare more so I thought this would be perfect because I’ve heard good things about e.l.f. skincare and I really like their makeup so their skincare should be good too, also it’s only $15. I haven’t tried any of the products yet however I’m really excited to!

4. Brandy Melville- Flower Shirt, $20

Pacsun, which is where I bought this shirt, was having a Buy One Get One Fifty Deal so my friend and I both got Brandy Melville shirts and we were gonna pay together to get the deal but apparently the deal doesn’t apply to Brandy Melville. Not gonna lie I was a little disappointed but I got the shirt anyway because I thought it was cute, and I haven’t seen anyone with that shirt. Overall I think this shirt is really cute I just wished I got a deal on it.

5. Dip- Fuzzy Sweater, $14.50 ( Original $24)

Dip is a local clothing brand and they actual have a lot of stuff that I like and they are pretty affordable. Not to mention they have various sales throughout the year so they are even more affordable! Anyway, these kind of jackets have been very popular recently and I’ve been wanting one so once I saw this one I snatched it up real quick! There were a lot of different styles and colors however I liked this one the best.

6. Dip- Lace Sweatpants, $7 ( Original $14)

Last but not least we have another Dip item! I got a pretty good deal on these sweats, they were originally $14 which is already cheap but then it was 50% off of that and so they were only $7!!! Also I’ve been wanting these sweats for a really long time but they have never had my size until now so when I saw that they had then in my size I didn’t even care if they were on sale or not, it was nice that they were though. I really like these sweats because the side has a nice lace detailing and they were gray which surprisingly I don’t have any gray sweatpants so this added something to my closet.

Ipsy Unboxing! November 2019

It’s time for another Ipsy unboxing! Honestly I was not impressed by this box. I would over all give the box a 6.5/10 and I would rank the other two Ipsy bags before this one so it’s in 3rd place because I’ve only gotten 3 bags so far. With that being said, there are some good products in this box, which I will get to later. Because Christmas is coming around I would put this on your Christmas list or a gift for yourself because it’s a great deal and you get to try out a bunch of new products. Comment down below if you have tried any of these products and what you thought of them. Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. The balm cosmetics- Mary Liquid Luminizer

The Pressed Powder version of this highlighter is a cult favorite and has been around for forever however I’ve never heard anyone talk about the liquid version. I don’t really like liquid highlighters so I was a little tentative to try this one out.

2. Murad- Sunscreen

Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed that I got sunscreen in my Ipsy. Don’t get me wrong, sunscreen is very important and everyone should use it however I would have rather gotten another product then sunscreen. It’s very important but it’s also a little boring.

3. Grace and Stella- Black Head Removal Mask

I’m super excited to try this out! I LOVE face masks and I’ve never tried a charcoal one before and I’ve heard good things about them. This masks main is to remove black heads and there are a couple on my nose right now that I need to get rid of so this mask came at the perfect time! I love this product and I can’t wait to use it!

4. Pixie by Petra- Mesmerizing Mineral Duo

OMG this is gorgeous! I’ve been looking for the perfect champagne/gold shimmer eyeshadow and I’ve finally found it! The formula is great, the shade is perfect, I just love everything about it! I haven’t used the brown shade yet and I don’t think I will get much use out of that shade because I don’t tend to reach for Browns but I will get a lot of use out of the gold shade! Like the name it is mesmerizing, I don’t know why they called it a mesmerizing mineral duo, they could have just called it an eyeshadow duo. Pixi can be found in Target and online, I would recommend picking it up if you see it at target but I wouldn’t go out of your way to buy it if you already have a champagne shade you like. This duo isn’t unique but it is a staple that everyone needs!

5.SLMISSGLAM- Tapered Face Brush, P62

I love this brush! First of all, it looks so cool with the blue shiny handle and the gems stones, and the blue faded white bristles! But the actual brush works good to, and at first I didn’t know what I was gonna use it as but I like it to set the under eyes with loose powder, I think it works great for that. I love getting brushes in my Ipsy, because I don’t like buying them because they usually are overpriced but Ipsy bags are such a great deal I love getting brushes in them.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Girls!

It’s getting to that time of the year again when you have to buy Christmas lists. I thought I would help everyone help and make this post so people know what to get girls or for girls to put on their own Christmas lists. I have a variety of prices and types like beauty and self care to electronics. This post is kinda special to me because this was my first ever Teen Beauty Central post exactly 1 year ago so, this posts marks my 1 year anniversary! I hope this helps you out in anyway, and I know this is early but Happy Holidays! Comment below if you want a part two because I have a lot more ideas! Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Fuzzy Socks

You can get any kind of fuzzy socks, this set if from amazon which is where I get all of mine because you can get a lot for cheap and there is a lot of variety for styles. I love wearing these on spa days or when I just cold, they are super comfy and if you don’t have fuzzy socks you need them right now!

2. Bath bombs

I love taking baths and bath bombs make them more fun and they moisturize your skin! Bath bombs are big now so they are easy to find, my favorite brand though is lush. Lush were the OG and really made bath bombs a thing. My personally fav bath bombs from them is called Dragon Egg, it’s colorful and fun!

3. Favorite YouTubers Merch

A lot of YouTubers have their own merch which is their own clothing line. Someone would like this because not only are they nice clothes but they support the YouTuber. Everyone has a different favorite YouTuber so I’m not gonna add a picture for this one.

4. Face masks

Skin care and self care/self love was a big trend this year and face masks were a big part of that. Face masks can help clear up acne, moisturize and clean your skin. I like to do 2-3 face masks a week but it all depends on the person.

5. Cute Earrings

I know this isn’t very specific but I found this website called YesStyle and they have super cute earrings! Earrings can make or break a look and some you can even make a whole look around just those earrings! The ones from YesStyle are super cute, unique, and really affordable! I’m not sponsored, I just really like their stuff, they sell other stuff too like makeup and clothes but I like their earrings the best.

6. AirPods

Yes these are expensive but I have them and I love them! I actually got them for Christmas last year and I think it’s the perfect Christmas gift because I could never justify spending $150 on headphones but Christmas is the one exception, the one time of year when people splurge on the people they love and their friends. I get it if you don’t want to spend that much money on a gift and that’s fine, there are plenty of other things on this list that you can give to people.

7. Polaroids

I loving using pictures of me and my friends as decoration all over my room and Polaroids are perfect for it! You can take the picture and print it right there, not to mention they are so cute! However they are expensive and after you buy the actual camera you have to keep buying the film so the pictures will print. But that’s what Christmas is for, expensive gifts you would never buy yourself but you want so you have other people buy for you!

8. LED or Fairy Lights

Fairy lights were a big trend last year and they are still a thing now but LED lights really went big in the last month or so.

9. Kits/Sets

I love making these for my friends! I think they are more personalized then the average gift because you choose what’s in the gift. For example you could do a movie kit with their favorite movie dvd, popcorn and candy or self care with a blanket, slippers, and face masks. You can also choose how much you want to spend on it like depending on how much stuff you put in.

10. Candles

The time of the year is the peak of candle season. There are the limited edition candle scents and they make you feel so cozy when it’s so cold outside. my favorite are from Bath and Body Works but those are on the pricy side so if you find they are out of your budget then check online like amazon.

New Makeup Releases! November 2019

Here I am back at it again with the New Makeup Releases, this time for November! This month we have some great products that I’m really excited about! This month is all completion products and Eyeshadow palettes however there is a good mix of drugstore and high end products. If I missed any products or you want to try any of these products, tell in the comment section! And don’t forget to like and follow!

1. L’OrĂ©al- Infallible Loose Setting Powder, $10.99

L’OrĂ©al just released a bunch of products but what stood out to me the most was their new loose setting powder! There are two shades, light-medium and medium-deep. These will be retailing for $10.99 which is on the more expensive side for a drugstore powder but it’s not crazy expensive. The finish is matte and it claims to control shine and be lightweight. Personally I think that L’OrĂ©al has kinda fallen off the map so will this powder redeem them?

2. Huda Beauty- Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette, $67

For some people, Huda Beauty’s palettes are their ride or die. Personally I haven’t tried any of their palettes or their products in general but I do think their products are very innovative and I love the color scheme of all their palettes including this one. This palette is space themed with a purple-teal theme which reminds me of spring. All of her other big palettes are $65 and this one is $67 which isn’t a big change but that’s still $2! I personally wouldn’t get that much use out of this palette because I wear mostly neutrals but I do LOVE this palette!

3. Colourpop- Pretty Fresh, $9

This concealer is also a continuation of the Pretty Fresh line which includes a foundation and primer. Colourpop already has a concealer, the No Filter concealer so this is there second one. The pretty fresh is $9 and the no filter is $6. This one is supposed to by more hydrating and the other one is matte. Honestly I would rather get this concealer over there old one, the no filter, because I like the packaging more and I matte concealers dry out my under eyes. With all that being said I will not be picking this up because I have way to many concealers!

4. Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson- Conspiracy Collection

This collection has been long awaited! With the two YouTube series’s that they’ve done and the sneak peeks and hints, everyone was hyped up for this launch. And a lot of people loved it but some people were let down. But that makes sense because when something is so hyped up your expectations are to high and nearly impossible to beat. Enough talking, this collection includes the Conspiracy Eyeshadow Palette and the Mini Controversy Mini Eyeshadow Palette. There are also other products like liquid lipsticks, clothing, and makeup bags but the palettes were the main show. The Conspiracy is $52 and the Mini Controversy is $28.

5. Maybelline- Dream Liquid Radiant Foundation, $10.99

Maybelline makes the best drugstore foundations! The fit me, the dream urban cover (which is my all time fav), the superstar, etc. so I’m really excited to see the reviews of this foundation, will it become a new cult fav? This foundation becomes available on November 15th. This foundation claims to be lightweight with medium and radiant coverage. And there are 20 shades which is decent for a drugstore brand but the shades them shades are all pretty light. But it for sure isn’t the worst shade range we have seen.

Beauty Favorites! October 2019

I know, this is really late but trust me it’s worth the wait! This month I have a bunch of great products. For the first time we have a luxury product and there are actually 2 products, the rest of the info can be kept for later! I would love to hear your favorites of the month so remember to comment those and don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Benefit- Gimme Brow, $24

This is my new favorite brow product! It gives your brows definition and volume while still being natural and feathery! It’s also really quick to put on in the morning because all you need to do is brush through your brows. It’s like a 2 in one product because it tints your brows and it’s makes them stay all day so you don’t need to use any other products but if you want full glam you obviously can use more then one product.

2. Marc Jacobs- Gel Lip Liner, $25

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect true nude lipliner and I have finally found it! I got this in a set with a lipgloss and lipstick and to be honest I haven’t used them. The gift set was $25 and the lip liner is mini so I could have gotten a full size for the same price but if I did it again I wouldn’t have because the other two products added stuff to my collection. Like they are different shades and the gloss is the only shimmery gloss I have.

3. E.l.f.- Clear Brow and Lash Mascara, $2

Recently I’ve been buying a lot of brow gels, but I am using them! This is a duo with clear mascara on one side and clear brow gel on the other and the brow gel side is completely used up so now I’m using the clear mascara as brow gel. I don’t know if your supposed to do that but I am sooo. I don’t like to use this product by itself because I like to always have my brows filled in and because it’s clear it won’t fill it in like a pencil or the benefit Gimme Brow. I like to fill in my brows with the e.l.f. brow pencil then use the gel and it works great!

Ipsy Glambag! October 2019

New month, new Ipsy! Every time I get the notification that it shipped, I get so excited because it’s like Christmas every month! If you don’t know what Ipsy is, it’s a subscription service that sends you 5 products a month for $12. The products range from makeup, skincare, hair care, and even brushes! The box’s value is guaranteed to be $50+ with the box only being $12 it’s a steal! My Ipsy came a couple days late this month but that just made me more excited to open it and I wasn’t let down! However this month’s box was pretty average I didn’t hate anything, and I didn’t love anything, everything was kinda meh. Comment below if you have any subscription box’s and if you like them or not. Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Ipsy x Betty Boop- Blender Eyeshadow Brush

This is the first brush I’ve gotten from Ipsy and I love it! The packaging is sleek and simple and the bristles are soft. I don’t really know how to review a brush but it’s good but it’s not really hard to get a brush right. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ll use it and I like it but I’m not super impressed but the quality.

2. Space Case Cosmetics- Highlighter

This is a great highlighter for the daily but for full glam it’s not enough for me. The shade however is gorgeous, it’s a champagne/light gold shade and looks great on the skin. And the formula is great as well it just is very natural and not very blinding. It’s not my favorite but I would reach for it over other ones in my collection.

3. Benefit- They’re Real Mascara

I really like Benefit as a brand and this mascara is a lot of people’s Ride or Die mascara so I had high expectations for this mascara. Unfortunately this mascara did not live up to those expectations. It worked great on the first try then the second time it got really clumpy. I’ve used it again since but it still hasn’t impressed.

4. Leni- Loose Eyeshadow

I think that a loose eyeshadow is such a cool concept! But it sounds messy, however it isn’t as messy as I thought it would be. It was a little messy at first but a soon as I sprayed the brush it worked like a normal shadow. I got the shade Byron Bay and it’s perfect! It is pink with a gold shift and I haven’t seen anything like it before, I’ve used it a couple James and have made some great looks with it!

5. Seraphine Botanicals- Camila + Strobe Luminizing Primer

First of all, the packaging is freakin stunning! The flowers against the white is just so cute and girly. Then I put it in my hands and saw it was shimmery, which kinda threw me off but I should’ve guessed it because it’s a luminzing primer. When I put it on my face you couldn’t see the shimmer which is good. I don’t think this primer did anything, it didn’t make my skin dewy or matte, it kinda smoothed my pores but nothing crazy. I’ll use it again because I want to get use out of it but I would recommend primers over this.

Fall Nail Ideas!

Fall is my favorite time for nails! That’s because it’s the season of Halloween which means there are a ton of fun nail ideas! But don’t worry, this post isn’t just Halloween nails, there are plain Fall nails too! I’ve never gotten my nails done before but I LOVE different nail designs, that’s why I love doing these posts because I get to share some of my favorite nail designs. Some are unique and others a basic but whatever you are looking for you will find! Comment below what are your favorite nails? Don’t forget to like and follow!

Fall Outfit Ideas!

Fall is my favorite season for fashion so I wanted to share some of my favorite fall outfits with you guys! This is just everyday outfits, no Halloween costumes but if you want me to make a separate post for that then tell my in the comments and like this post! I tried to include a mix of outfits that are iconically fall and stuff that you can wear all year long but look the best in fall! Comment down below your favorite outfit and don’t forget to like and follow!

New Makeup Releases! October 2019

Omg! There were so many new releases this month! There are so many that I’m making a separate post for holiday releases and holiday sets so get ready for those! For the first in what feels like ever, I don’t have a Colourpop product, which is crazy because go through all my new makeup releases and there has almost always been a Colourpop product but this month I have a product from the new Colourpop, Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’ll touch more on that later, but for now let’s get into the post. But before we do that, comment your fav new release and like and follow!

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills x Carley Bible, $45

My first impression of this palette is wow it’s gorgeous then I saw it was by ABH and I was disappointed, not because their formula is bad because it’s not but because they just released 3 60 pan palettes and the Jackie Aina palette came out 2 months ago. I think they need to chill it on how much they are releasing stuff. To be honest, I think that the color scheme is better than the Jackie Aina palette however I like the packaging of the Jackie Aina palette more and Jackie’s palette is more unique. If I were to pick up an ABH palette it would be this but because of my no buy I’m doing, which I wrote a post on, I’ll pass on this.

2. Juvias Place- Magic Stick Foundation, $16

Everyone loved the I am Magic concealers and foundation when it came out a little while back so the Magic Stick Foundation is getting a lot of hype! I love stick foundations for cream contour and even concealer but I haven’t used one for actual foundation. I wanna pick this up but I won’t use it that much and I’d rather get the liquid kind or the concealer instead of this but I think it’s a cool idea and a lot of people will like, just not for me.

3. E.l.f. x Nabela

I’m stoked for this collection! E.l.f. is collaborating with Nabela, the Youtuber, on a mini collection. The collection has liquid lipstick and lipliner set, $10, a highlighter, $8, 5 piece brush set, $20, and everything together for $35. This is out now and they haven’t said if it’s full time or limited edition. I wish the lipliner came separately from the liquid lipstick because I don’t wear liquid lipsticks, or that the liquid lipstick was a lipgloss but I can’t change that. The highlighter is a gorgeous champagne gold color which is right up my alley but I dont like loose highlighters so I don’t think I’ll get it. I personally don’t watch Nabela but I like this collection, it’s not the best collab every but I do like!

4. Benefit- Brow Styler, $34

Benfit is known for their brow products! This one is double sided, has a pencil on one side and a wax on the other. Personally I don’t like brow wax and I didn’t know that was even a thing but apparently it is. I do really like the benefit Gimme Brow but I don’t think this product is for me and I’m fine with that because my brow routine is pretty set right now!

5. Kylie Cosmetics x Balmain

This was really surprising to me. All of Kylie’s collars have been with family and friends and then all of a sudden she collabs with a fashion powerhouse!? This collection has a lipgloss, $16, lip kit, $29, and an 9 pan eyeshadow palette, $42. The colors in the palette are unique and the lip colors match the palette and everything goes together which I love! However it colorful and when I go for color they are a more cohesive I guess you would say. I love the collection just not for me.

Beauty Favorites! September 2019

I’ve done a lot of hauls recently so I’ve tried a lot of new stuff so it was really hard to narrow down the products this month. So that means that the three I choose I’ve REALLY been loving! This months products are a great mix of products so there is something for everyone! As always, comment down below what your favorites if the month were and don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Milk- Hydro Grip Primer, $30

I got this for my birthday and it’s been my go to primer ever since! It keeps my makeup on all day, reduces my crazy amount of oil, and smells good. I’ve been using this primer for a month and I haven’t even used that much yet which makes me happy because it’s pretty expensive. If you’ve been wanting to try a new primer and you don’t mind the splurge then I would for sure recommend this, for all skins types.

2. Maybelline- Colossal Big Shot Mascara, $8.99

This was my first ever mascara and used to love it but then I discovered new mascaras and kind of forgot about it but I tried it again recently and I’ve been loving it! It keeps my curl all day and it lengthens and makes my lashes voluminous. I don’t know why I ever stopped using this mascara. I have the waterproof version which I think is better because it will keep the curl for longer.

3. Milk- Lip + Cheek Stain, $24

Another milk product! These are the only products that I’ve tried from milk but maybe I should try more because I love these so much. This product is a stain intended for the lip or the cheeks but I love it as cream blush. I also used it as an eyeshadow one time and that was really pretty too, so you can use it in many ways. I used to never like blush because I naturally had really rosy cheeks but this gives you beautiful natural finish and now I can’t do my makeup with out it!

Ipsy Glambag! September 2019

As you may or may not know, for my birthday I got a subscription to Ipsy which is a monthly makeup subscription service which gives you 5 products for $12 but the box has a value of $50+. I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time so I was so excited when my first box came! And btw the boxes are completely personalized just for which I love! Let me just say that I love this box and I hope every box is like this! I would give this box an overall 9/10 for reasons you will see later in this post. If you have Ipsy then comment below what you got in your box this month, and if you don’t then comment what’s holding you back! Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Benefit- Gimme Brow

This was the only product that I knew I was getting, you can look ahead to see what’s coming in your box but I wanted it to be a surprise but I accidentally saw this one. I thought I would like it because I’ve really been into brow gel recently but I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do! This product is super easy to through on and run out the door and it makes my eyebrows look amazing! I will repurchase this if I ran out.

2. Glow Recipe- Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

This mask is all over Instagram and is a K-Beauty fav so I was really excited when it was in my box! I’m gonna be honest, I haven’t used this yet because I just haven’t had time but I will try it out and I will update you guys on it. Also, it smells amazing!

3. Ofra x Madison Miller- Seashells Highlighter

I got a full size Ofra highlighter in my Ipsy box!!! Everybody knows about Ofra highlighters but somehow I have t tried them yet but I’ve been meaning to so when it came in my box, I was so excited! And let me say, Ofra highlighters are worth the hype, super blendable but really blinding just amazing! The only thing I don’t really like about this highlighter is the shade, I prefer champagne/gold highlighters and this is more rose gold but it’s still beautiful.

4. First Aid Beauty- Coconut Water Cream

This is the product I like the least out of the box. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that moisturizers don’t really excite me, and this isn’t even a moisturizer for the face, it’s a hand cream. It is moisturizing and it smells good, I just miss I got something else but First Aid Beauty is a good brand.

5. Phase Zero Makeup- Single Eyeshadow

I have quite a few purple shimmers but none of them quite like this, which is weird because it’s not that special. It doesn’t have a cool shift to it and it isn’t like a jelly shade but it still is cool and the formula is amazing! I did a look with the shadow and I loved it, however you can’t really where it a lot or make different looks with it. I’ll use it again but I don’t think it will be that often.

My Makeup No Buy!

As many of you guys know, I have a shopping addiction, more specifically a makeup addiction so in order to keep it under control I’m going to start a makeup no buy! I’m not stopping myself completely from buying makeup but limiting how much I buy. Newbury Girl, fellow blogger, also is doing a makeup no buy and does updates throughout the year which is also plan on doing. If you want to do this as well and you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments and if you are or have done this then share you experiences! Don’t forget to like and follow!


  • $25 a month, no more but obviously I can spend less if I want.

I know this may sound extreme but I’m saving up for a big and expensive vacation, I need a save $1,500 in 9 months and because I’m in school still I don’t have a full time job so I’m not raking in the income.

  • I bring money back but not forward

If I want a $30 palette, I can’t bring $5 from October’s money but I can wait until October to buy the palette and bring $5 from the last month.

  • Gift cards do not count- for example, if I had a $20 gift card I would not have only $5 left, I would still have $25
  • This doesn’t include shipping because otherwise I would have like half the amount of money.

Once again, if you are on a no buy or have done one before, please share your experiences below! If you have any questions then comment those and I will answer ASAP.

Fall Makeup Looks!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you would know that for every season I love doing a post of Fall Makeup Looks to give people inspiring for their looks this season. These posts are also really fun for me, I love looking for looks and making sure there is a good mix of natural and glam and overall they are really fun to make! Comment down below what looks you like the most and which ones you wanna try this season! Don’t forget to follow and like!

Makeup Haul!

As some of you guys know, my birthday recently last so I got a ton of ULTA and Sephora gift cards so I’ve accumulated a lot of new makeup over the last couple weeks so I thought I would haul it for you guys! This haul is mostly drugstore, however I still have one Sephora gift card left so if you have any recommendations then comment those below. Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. E.l.f- Eyebrow gel and Eyelash mascara, $2

I recently tried another e.l.f eyebrow gel and I wasn’t a fan but I’ve heard a couple YouTubers talk about this so I wanted to try it! I really like it, it looks my eyebrows in place and makes look fluffy and they are super easy to shape my brows! This product is a duo so on one side you have the brow gel and the other side you have the mascara but I haven’t used the mascara yet. What I’m probably gonna do is that when I use up the brow side, I’ll use the eyelash side for my brows too.

2. Maybelline- Dream Urban Covergirl Foundation, $13

This was like the drugstore foundation of the summer, every YouTuber was raving about this foundation! And because I needed a new foundation, I naturally picked this one up. This foundation claims to be full coverage but I would have it’s medium, it gives me a blank canvas but not like black out. I love the finish of this foundation because it’s really natural, not too dewy and not too matte. Overall I really like this foundation!

3. Nyx- Blotting Sheets, $4

Y’all know that I have really oily skin so I need something to contain that, but it’s not far to rely solely on powder so I thought blotting sheets would help. To be honest there aren’t that many options for blotting paper so when I found these nyx ones I thought they were great because they were a brand I’m familiar with and affordable! I have used a couple and they definitely refuse the shine but I don’t think the take out all the oil but I wasn’t really expecting it to look like I just applied my makeup.

4. Revlon- Candid Foundation, $10.99

I got got this foundation because ULTA was having a 90% sale. But the disappointing thing was that it didn’t even come out to 90% if was $3 instead of $1.10 which I was triggered about but a $3 Foundation is still a good deal so I didn’t return it, also I was lazy, tehe. The foundation is pretty average, medium coverage, natural matte finish. But I’ve already used half of it but I’ve only used it twice, so people probably used it a lot in store. I would recommend the foundation over this one, even though it’s more expensive, it’s worth it!

5. E.l.f- Camo Concealer, $5.99

Everyone says that this is a dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape concealer although I haven’t tried that one, I do know that it’s a cult favorite! I’ve tried it a couple times, with a so get and a brush and I think I like a sponge better because it makes it look more natural because it is so full coverage. As I just mentioned, it’s very full coverage so I little concealer, like a dot underneath either eye and then if I need more I’ll add a tiny bit more. I think it’s a good concealer but it’s defiantly for those glam days!

6. L.a. Girl- Auto Lip Liner, $2.99

Y’all know I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect nude lipliner so when I saw this one I thought I would give it a shot. Firstly, I love the formula, I usually don’t like gel lip liners but I really like this one, it’s creamy but doesn’t break easily. I like the shade however it wasn’t what I was looking for, I was looking for a nude and this is pinky nude. With all that being said, I find myself reaching for it quite a bit.

7. Benefit- Hoola Bronzer, $32

Technically I didn’t buy this because it was my free birthday gift but nevertheless I got it and I LOVE it!!! Y’all know I love my Butter Bronzer and I never thought I would see the day that I found a bronzer better then this, but I have. I don’t like dark or heavy bronzer so this shade is perfect for me, and it’s really blendable, basically I don’t have any complaints. I know a lot of people have tried it but if you haven’t you need to!

8. Brushes, $4 & $2

At my mall there is a Japanese dollar store which I love! I needed a new bronzer brush so I went there because I’ve always wanted to try their brushes and I saw an artist brush which I always wanted to try and they were a good deal so I picked them up. Update, they are great brushes!

Best Rachel Leary Makeup Looks!

As many of you guys know, I got the Rachel Leary x Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette for my birthday and it’s my new obsession, so it made me want to look into the beauty guru that was behind the palette and that’s how I discovered and fell in love with Rachel Leary! Some of Rachel Leary’s videos are blah but for the most part I love them, and you can’t deny her artistry. She doesn’t do very artistic makeup looks but they are nevertheless gorgeous and breathtaking! So I gathered some of my favorite of my makeup for you. I hope this lets you discover a new makeup artist or gives you inspiration for your own looks! If you like this post then check out my other posts where I do Best Makeup Looks of _______ Makeup Artist, comment what makeup artist I should do next!

New Makeup Releases! September 2019

Where has the time gone! It’s already September and we all have to go back to school and summer is over. But don’t worry, I’ll cheer you up with 5 amazing New Makeup Releases this month! This summer has been the season of foundation, everywhere you look there is a new foundation so didn’t want to bore you with more so I have other makeup. Comment don’t below what new release you are most excite about and don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills- Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol 1., $60

A lot of people were wondering why they released this palette because Norvina, Anastasia’s daughter, already has a ABH palette and they just released the Jackie Aina palette but the palette is gorgeous and what I have seen from Instagram videos, everyone loves it and it looks gorgeous! Norvina is known for purple being her thing so it makes sense that she would make a purple palette, the colors are gorgeous and I have seen a lot of amazing looks with this palette but I can’t justify spending $60 on this because I never wear purple but if you like purple eyeshadow and you want this palette then I think it’s a great deal!

2. Fenty- Brow MVP Pencil, $20

I think that this is the perfect product for fenty to extend brand! First of all, I love the name, I think it’s so cute and $20 is pretty average for a high end brow pencil so it is reasonably priced. It has a ultra fine tip and there are 14 shades so fenty is keeping their reputation of up inclusivity and a lot of shades which is great! Personally I don’t like buying high end brow products because I think the drugstore does a great job at them.

3. Colourpop- Baby Got Peach Eyeshadow Palette, $12

I feel like every month I include one of the Colourpop monochromatic palettes in one of these posts so this I have another one. This month Colourpop released a peach palette which is gorgeous! I think this is the Colourpop palette I want the most now which is what I say every time they release a new palette but seriously! However when it’s swatched all the mattes kinda look the same but I still want it! I think I’m gonna wait till it comes to ULTA though because I hate paying for shipping, but that might not happen because none of the other monochromatic palettes are in ULTA but Colourpop has added a lot of new products to ULTA so you never know!

4. Benefit- Boi-ing cakeless concealer, $22

Careless is a huge claim for a concealer but according to Tati is lives up to that name and more. I think the packaging is cute, it reminds of a pencil which I don’t want to be reminded of right now because school is starting soon aghhhhhhhh! I just got a new concealer but next time I want to try another out I might pick this one up because I do have Sephora gift card, but if you have another recommendation then comment that down below.

5. Benefit- Cookie and Tickle SINGLE Highlighters, $30

Remember when those big Cheekleaders and Pinkleaders came out and everyone was OBSESSED with the highlighter, cookie? Well now it comes in a single and everyone is freaking out about it! I never thought this day would come but I think I’m set on highlighters for now, I know shocking! I also prefer more champagne-y gold highlighters so I might not like tickle however I think I will cookie but I need to branch out so I might pick these up later!

Beauty Favorites! August 2019

I know that no one does Favorites posts or videos anymore but I love making them and you guys love reading them! This month I have a lot of new products, or new to my collection, I have done a lot of hauls this month so I have tried a lot of new makeup so the products in this months favorites wont be repeat favorites!

1. Makeup Revolution x Rachel Leary- Ultimate Goddess Eyeshadow Palette, $20

Everyone talks about how amazing the Makeup Revolutions Formula is so I always wanted to try them and I was really excited when I opened this birthday gift! The formula is great, it’s blendable and pigmented but what makes me love this palette is the color scheme and the highlighters! I love the color scheme because you have a ton of color shades but you also have bronzers if you want a basic brown. The highlighters aren’t as blinding and I would like them to be but they are still gorgeous and are great eyeshadows and inner corner highlighters. I could go on and on about this palette but all you need to know is that you need this in your life!

2. Covergirl- Vitalist Healthy Powder, $13

This is my new fav powder! It’s perfect for summer because it’s summer matte which evens out with my oily skin and it locks my makeup and smooths it! I couldn’t ask for a better powder. If your looking for a new powder I would 100% recommend this, however if you have dry skin I would stay away because it might be to matte for you but if your oily then go right ahead!

3. Forever 21- Makeup Brush Set, $7.90

Forever 21 has the most underrated makeup brushes! Their makeup isn’t good but their brushes and sponges are good. I bought this brush set for the big fluffy brush because I needed one for vacation and I didn’t want to bring my everyday one incase something happens to my luggage. the brush is really nice and I surprisingly like this brush more then my original powder brush. The fluffy eyeshadow brush is a great blender brush and make sure there are no harsh lines. The other brush I don’t really use but it’s still good. Next time ur at Forever 21 you should check out their brushes!

10 Makeup Looks For School!

With back to school creeping around the corner I wanted to share 10 makeup looks to give you inspiring for your own school looks, and you can wear these looks to work as well! These looks vary a lot to cater for everyone, because you can where any kind of makeup to school, natural, no makeup, or even glam! I hope you find a look that gives you inspiring for your own looks! Comment down below what your favorite look is! Don’t forget to Like and Follow!

What I Got For My Birthday!!!

If you didn’t know, my birthday was this weekend, August 17! I think this was my best birthday yet, I just had the best day ever! I also got some great gifts that I would love to share with you guys! I want you guys to know that I’m not trying to brag, you guys have no idea have blessed I am and I’m blessed and many ways! Now with that being said, don’t forget to like and follow them let’s get started!

1. Moira Beauty- Wanderlust Dream Eyeshadow Palette

One of my favorite YouTubers, Julia Mazzucato, raves about Moira Beauty’s Formula so I really wanted to try it out but I never really wanted to because I hate paying for shipping because they don’t sell in stores so I put it on my bday list expecting not to get it and I got it! I tried it out and the mattes are pigmented and super blendable!! The shimmers are average, not bad but the mattes out shine them.

2. Milk Makeup- Hydro Grip Primer

I’ve been wanting this primer for sooooooooo long! Ever Youtuber has been raving about it and then I got it as a sample from Sephora and I loved it but it’s expensive and the mini is a ripoff so I decided to put it on my birthday list! The packaging is super cute and it keeps my makeup on all day so expect to see these in a lot of upcoming posts!

3. Ipsy or Sephora Play

This might be my favorite gift! I love watching these unboxing’s on YouTube or reading what bloggers got in their boxes! My parents gave me a choice between Ipsy and Sephora Play so if you have tried them please leave your responses in the comments! My friend has Sephora Play and she loves it but it comes with a lot of skincare and I don’t really use skincare so I don’t know!

4. Julia Mazzucato Dewy Sweatshirt Light Blue

I love buying YouTuber merch! I think it’s a great way to support your fav YouTubers and you get cool and unique clothes! I think a lot of merch is overpriced but I think this sweatshirt is really affordable and SUPER cute! I got the Light Blue shade because, duh! Unfortunately it was limited edition but she is coming out with new merch soon!

5. Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray

Every YouTuber talks about this spray and I was gonna buy it for myself but my friend gave it to me as a gift, so I didn’t need! I love toner sprays but I’m currently using one so once I run out of that one I’ll start using this one!

6. Makeup Revolution x Rachel Leary Eyeshadow Palette

My friend also got me this eyeshadow palette which I love! These shades aren’t me but I love how unique they are and they push me outside the box! I have used some of the eyeshadows and they are great but the highlighters and on another planet! Those highlighters are soooooooooooo pretty! This palette comes with 8 matte eyeshadows, 8 shimmer eyeshadows, 3 bronzers, 3 blushes, and 3 highlighters.

Haul Update!

I do a lot of hauls where I show you guys new products and then I show you guys some of them in favorites but the stuff that I don’t like or think is mediocre is never talked about. That’s why I wanted to do this to follow up on some products that I’ve recently hauled or just tried because I don’t haul everything that I buy. I feel like this month I discovered a lot of amazing products so I’m really excited to share them with you today! Comment below if want more posts like this and don’t forget to follow and like!

1.E.l.f- Mad for Matte Nude Mood Eyeshadow Palette, $10

This is my new favorite eyeshadow palette! It has all the staple neutral shades and it’s perfect for everyday makeup! The third shade into this palette is my perfect transition shade and I’ve been reaching for it a lot! I would 100% this palette, if the shades don’t call your name then check out the various other color schemes they have!

2. Lori- Brush Set, $2.50

I got this brush set at Dollarama in Canada and it was the only thing I found there which was really disappointing! However these brushes are not disappointing! This brush set comes with a fluffy packer brush, flat shader brush, and an angled liner brush. I have used all of these brushes and I love them all! If you can find these anywhere then I would recommend picking them up.

3. E.l.f- Sheer Tint Brow Gel, $

I’ve been wanting a brow gel for a long time and I saw this on sale so I thought it would be the perfect time to pick one up. As the name suggests it’s very sheer so it doesn’t really fill in my brows which I don’t like but it doesn’t keep them in place either, it also makes them look shiny but in a greasy way. I do not like this product but E.l.f has a clear brow gel that my friend has and it makes her brows look great so I think I will that up!

4. Covergirl- Vitalist Healthy Powder, $13

This is my new favorite powder! It’s perfect for summer because it’s stays on for along time and it’s very matte which I need because I have very oily skin! This powder makes my skin look smooth and practically perfect! I have also heard great things about the concealer from this line so maybe I’ll go check that out and see if it’s as good as this powder!

5. Smashbox- Always On Liquid Eyeshadow, $24

Like a lot of things in this haul, I got this at Marshall’s and I featured it in my recent Marshall’s Haul! And I got a steal on it, it was only $2!!! I’ve used it once and I loved the look I made with it but I’m not reaching it for it as much as I thought I would but I haven’t had it for that long so maybe that will change! I would NOT pay full price for this, I probably wouldn’t pay more then $8 for this.

Best ILuvSarahii Makeup Looks!

Y’all love these posts! I’ve done NikkieTutorials one, Nikita Dragun, Julia Mazzucato and now ILuvSarahii, comment down below what YouTuber/Makeup Artist I should do next! As always I tried to do a mix of natural and out of the box makeup looks and I think I found some really good looks. I personally have never watched ILuvSarahii but I was requested to do her and I think she’s gorgeous and I love the looks she creates. Don’t forget to like and follow!

Marshall’s Makeup Haul! Beauty Bargains

OMG! Marshall’s has great deals on makeup!!! I’ve been there before and they had amazing stuff but this I was there wishing I had brought more money! They had ABH stick foundation, Too Faced Lip Glosses, Too Faced Liquid Lipsticks, Too Faced Chocolate Soiel Bronzer which I almost bought, UD Naked Basics, Eco Tools Brushes, and WAY more hidden gems so I 100% checking out your local Marshall’s. And if you have, comment what crazy deals you have found there and for other deals that I have found there, I will put a link in the comments of my last Marshall’s haul. Don’t forget to like and comment!

1. Covergirl- Vitalist Healthy Powder, $3 (Originally $13)

I’ve been looking for a new powder and I found this and I got so excited because I know all Covergirl powders are at least $10! However I saw another powder from Covergirl that I have been wanting for a while but it wasn’t my shade and nor is this one but I can use it under my eyes. I tried this powder out and I like it but it’s REALLY matte! It doesn’t feel drying but it looks drying, but if you use a dewy setting spray then you can make it work!

2. Smashbox- Always On Liquid Eyeshadow, $2 (Originally $24)

I recently talked about in my Makeup I Want To Buy post that I wanted liquid eyeshadows and I saw a few at Marshall’s, even the Stila ones that I specifically wanted but the Stila ones were way more expensive so I decided to get this one instead! I actually can’t find this online which is probably why it’s in Marshall’s because they take makeup that brands want to get rid of that’s not expired but I think it’s originally $24 because the crystallized always on liquid eyeshadow’s are $24 so it would make sense that these are the same price but they are different products because they have different packaging.

3. Lori- Brush Set, $2.50

I didn’t get these at Marshall’s, I got them at Dollorama when I was in Canada but I don’t wanna make a separate haul for these brushes if so I decided to just put them in here. Because I love Dollar Tree makeup I was excited to check out Dollarama makeup but they didn’t have any! They did have a ton of makeup organizers which is great but I don’t need any. The only thing that I liked is this brush set but I didn’t realize that that it was $2.50, which is still a great deal but I was confused because everything at the Dollar Tree is $1. But the brushes are great quality so if you come across these you should defiantly pickup!

Makeup I Want To Buy!

Today I’m sharing another one of my ‘Makeup I Want To Buy’ series! I have done a couple of these before, past ones are linked in the comments, and you guys love them and I love doing them! These posts are for sharing products that I want to buy or that I’m looking out for, I also like to encourage you guys to comment what you guys are looking out for so everyone is sharing makeup and finding out about new products! With that being said go ahead and comment what makeup you have your eye on, and don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Colourpop- Strawberry Milkshake Eyeshadow Palette, $12

This is Colourpop’s new palette and it’s absolutely gorgeous! This is not apart of their monochromatic collection but it is the same formula and packaging. Because it’s not apart of the monochromatic collection, I feel like you can create more looks with this palette. This palette has an overall theme of pastel pink shades which I, surprisingly, don’t have many of!

2. Stila- Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadow, $24

I have been wanting liquid eyeshadows for a while now and every review I read or watch, they always say that they are some ok dupes but nothing beats this formula so I want to try this out because they look really pretty but I might pick up a drugstore version instead because $24 for a single eyeshadow is EXPENSIVE!

3. Colourpop- BFF Crème Gel Liner- $5.50

I feel like everyone has been talking and raving about these and I’m just dying to try them! I’ve been looking for a white gel liner and they have a bright white shade which I’ve heard great things about specifically that shade. They also have fun neon shades which has been what everyone is talking about and people are using them as pops of color in the waterline which is SUPER cute!

4. E.l.f- Eyebrow Pomade, $4

Surprising I don’t have a brow pomade but I would like one! I really like doing my brows which may surprise you because a lot of people hate doing their brows but I don’t and I want to experiment more with them and I’ve heard really good things about the e.l.f one. Also, if I end not not like Brow pomades, not just the e.l.f one then I wouldn’t have wasted that much money.

5. Essence- Pure Nude Highlighter, $4.99

This is such a cult favorite and y’all know my obsession with champagne highlighters so I wanna pick this one up and see what I the hype is all about! I don’t need any more highlighters but this one is really pretty so if I get an ULTA gift card for my birthday then I might pick this one up.

Best Julia Mazzucato Makeup Looks!

If you read my posts then you will know that I absolutely adore Julia Mazzucato! She is my all time favorite YouTuber, however a lot of people don’t know her so today I will share her amazing talent by showing you some of her best looks! It was really hard to narrow down the looks so let me know if you guys want a part 2. Out of all these great looks which one is your favorite, and which Instagram/YouTuber should I do next? I have done Nikkie Tutorials and Nikita Dragun before, I will have those posts linked in the comments. Don’t forget to like and comment!

New Makeup Releases! August 2019!

It’s August! My favorite month of the year because my birthday! Because it’s my birthday I’ll be getting birthday money so comment down below what products I should buy with my birthday money! This month there are a TON of cool releases. As always they range from drugstore to high end, and face products to eyes. Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Urban Decay- Naked Foundation $39 Naked Concealer $29

I’m sure you have already seen this foundation and concealer everywhere but Incase you haven’t I’ll give you the rundown! The foundation comes in 50 shades and it has a natural matte finish, the concealer comes in 25 shades and it’s full coverage and waterproof. I personally won’t be picking this up because I feel there have been a lot of foundation releases recently, especially high end.

2. Colourpop- Orange You Glad Eyeshadow Palette, $12

This is the next monochromatic colorful palettes from Colourpop, and with it comes an entire collection. I really like the color scheme and layout of this palette however I already want the Uh-Huh honey palette, they yellow palette, but after that palette I want this one, well see if I actually end up picking it up though. This collection also comes with a brush set, lip glosses, lippie sticks, single super shock shadows, and a highlighter and blush stick.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills- Loose Setting Powder, $36

Y’all know that I love everything that ABH does and because I’m fascinated by everything they do I knew I would be in awe of this products too! It is their Loose Setting Powder! ABH hasn’t come out with many complexion products, so this product is great to expand their collection of releases. These powders come in 5 diverse shades, Translucent, Vanilla, Banana, Deep Peach, and Golden Orange.

4. I Heart Revolution- Tasty Eyeshadow Palettes, $15

If you didn’t know, I Heart Revolution is a sister brand to Makeup Revolution and Revolution Beauty which is a drugstore brand known for their eyeshadow palettes. I personally love this release because they are food themed eyeshadow palettes, my two favorite things! The only palette that intrigues me is the Chlli palette because warm tones, duh! The other two are pretty but the shades don’t intrigue me that much and there are other palettes that I want more which is a shame because these had a lot of potential!

5. Fenty- Pro Filtr Hydrating Foundation, $35

Two years ago Fenty/Rihanna released the iconic Pro Filtr Matte Foundation and a lot of people loved it but my dry skin folks said it was too matte and there is now at hydrating version! This foundation has a natural finish with hydration in medium to full coverage. It comes in 50, yes 50, shades and it will be released on August 15.

Beauty Favorites! July 2019

It’s July already? I swear it was just yesterday when I was posting my June Favorites, linked in the comments. This month I will be talking about some new products so get excited for that and this month I had soooooo many favorites that I wanted to include but as always I cut it down to 3 three products so this post will stay short, sweet and informational! Comment down below your favorite products of the month and don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Essence- Extreme Lasting Eye pencil, $2.99

I personally don’t wear eyeliner but for some reason I bought this and I don’t want to waste it so I found another way to use this eyeliner! I used it as an inner corner highlighter! But this eyeliner doesn’t have shimmer in it so it brightens your eyes while looking natural because shimmer in your inner corner isn’t natural but this makes it super pretty! Trust me on this, you need this now!

2. E.l.f- Flawless Finish Foundation- $5.99

I usually wear a BB cream or lighter coverage foundation but when I want a foundation with medium to full coverage I go for this because not only does the shade fit me well but it looks very seamless and natural! Also, a TON of YouTubers like this foundations and that’s actually what inspired me to buy this in the first place.

3. Wet n Wild- Highlighter, $5.29

This product is really hyped up which is what made me want to buy it, and now I get the hype! Golden Flower Crown is my perfect shade, especially in the summer because, I personally love gold highlighters, I think they really compliment my skin tone. My tarte highlighter still beats this one but this is now my favorite drugstore highlighter!

What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag!

I’ve been traveling recently and I realized that I haven’t done a What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag, which was surprising because I love watching and reading these so I thought I should do one myself! I think travel makeup bags show you a persons holy grail products because you obviously can’t take all your makeup on vacation so you take the products you can’t live without and you know work! Comment down below what products you take with you on vacation and don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Wet n Wild- Photo Focus Pressed Powder, $4.99

Y’all already know that this is my holy grail powder, I have talked about it in sooooooo many posts it’s a given that this would be in my travel makeup bag. This powder gives so coverage so your skin looks even and half decent but this powder has a natural sheen to it so your skin doesn’t look totally matte which I haven’t decided whether that’s a good thing or not. However, this powder never lets me down!

2. Forever 21- Trio Brush Set, $5

I bought this brush set just for the powder brush but I actually like the other brushes, but I only needed the powder brush for the trip so I only brought that brush. This is a good brush because it’s fluffy and applies the powder nice and I will continue to use it but there is nothing special about it, you can get good but affordable brushes at Forever 21, Marshall’s, TJMax, and Amazon are some of my favs but if you want name brands then Essence and AOA Studio have good affordable brushes!

3. E.l.f.- Brow Pencil, $2

This pencil is literally called brow pencil, they have two but the one I like is the one in the white packaging showed below! This is the best brow pencil because it doesn’t break and blends into your brows when you use the spoolie and they look like your brows but better. Also this pencil is only $2 so try it out and if you don’t like you only spent $2 but you will probably end up loving it!

4. Maybelline, Great Lash Mascara, $5.99

This isn’t my favorite mascara but I brought it on the trip because it does its job and it’s my only waterproof mascara and I knew I was gonna be sweating so I don’t want mascara running down my cheeks. I like this mascara but there is nothing special about it.

5. Sassy + Chic- Eyelash Curler, $1

I found this at the Dollar Tree and I’m pleasantly surprised. It curls my lashes well and I’m not scared about losing it because it’s only $1 and I have a backup just in case anything happens because for curling my lashes is one of those things I have to do whenever I wear makeup.

6. Carmex- Lip balm, $1

I have used Carmex all my life as my go to lip balm so it was a given that I was gonna bring this on the trip. It makes my lips feel sooooo smooth and soft, I would recommend this to anyone. I actually brought 2 of these on the trip and and my house I have 2 backup because I actually can’t without this, I have it in every car, every bag, everywhere! I think it’s a bit of an obsession, it’s fine though right?

7. Nyx- Lip Liner- $3.99

Lipstick is such a staple in my makeup routine and it’s one of my favorite types of makeup, so this should really show you how much I love this lipliner! Y’all know that my new favorite lip combo is this lipliner in the shade natural with Carmex on top! I wear it everyday and it’s so pretty and it looks like natural lipgloss, I just can’t get enough of this. But this lipliner goes good with lipstick, liquid lipstick, lipgloss, or even by itself.

Best Nikita Dragun Makeup Looks!

I recently did a ‘Best NikkieTutorials Makeup Looks’ and you LOVED that in the comments of that, it was recommended to I do a Best Nikita Dragun makeup looks so that’s what I’m doing! I’ve never watched Nikita Dragun but the looks I’ve found I really like so I’m excited to share them with you. I think I have a good mix of colorful and neutral looks so I can show versatile makeup looks. Comment what YouTuber or Instagram makeup artist I should do next, and don’t forget to like follow!

Skin Care Haul!

I recently picked up some skincare and because you and I both love hauls I decided to tell you guys what I got! I was in Kenya for the last two and a half weeks, that’s why I wasn’t posting, and while I was there I picked up some skincare from a South African company called Jean Guthrie! Because it’s a South African company the price in the screenshots will not be in dollars or pounds but I did write the price in dollars in the title but the numbers are really weird and not even. I’m gonna rate each product out of 5 stars so you know how good it is. Don’t forget to like and follow and comment what your favorite skincare brand is!

1. Jean Guthrie- Gentle Cream Cleanser, $22.96

Surprising I really liked this, I have never tried out a cream cleanser before but I decided I wanted to try one out. My cousin got this as well and used it to take off makeup which I for some reason didn’t think of but I tried it and I worked great and made my skin feel good! Now whenever I do a full face of makeup I always use this to take it off. 5/5 Stars

2. Jean Guthrie- Gentle Toning Lotion, $22.96 $19.38

I couldn’t find a picture for the gentle toning lotion so I used a picture of another toning lotion. I don’t know why it’s called a toning lotion because it’s like any other toner but in spray form. I’ve been using this in the morning and at night I’ve been liking it, it feels good and smells nice however the scent is very strong. With toners and skincare I’m general, it’s hard to see changes right away so I can’t really talk about how it’s changed my skin but I will in a Haul Update post soon. 4/5 Stars

3. Jean Guthrie- Hydrating Face Mask,

I couldn’t find this online so I don’t know the price or have a picture for you. I don’t know why I picked this up, y’all know I have oily skin so a hydrating mask is the opposite of what I need. I tried it out and it didn’t break me out, it didn’t smooth my skin, it didn’t get rid of my acne, it did tho feel comfortable on my skin and it gave my skin some moisture but not much. Overall I wasn’t crazy about this product. 2/5 Stars

4. Jean Guthrie- Skin Exfoliator, $26.55

I haven’t tried this out yet so I can’t review it. I’ve never used a exfoliator before so I decided to pick it up because the closest thing to an exfoliator I’ve tried is the Lush Ocean Salt Face Mask.

5. Jean Guthrie- Ultra Rich Moisture spf 15, $30.14 $25.47

I haven’t tried this out either but this seems perfect for the summer because I never wear sunscreen even though I know that it’s super important! So I hoped in buying this that I would use it because it’s not sunscreen it’s a moisturizer with spf so if I change this out with my current moisturizer then I’ll use this and my skin gets protected! It’s a win win!

Best NikkieTutorials Makeup Looks!

The other day I watching some YouTube videos and I saw a thumbnail for one of Nikkie’s videos and her makeup looked really good so then I googled ‘Nikki’s Tutorials Makeup Looks’ and there were sooooooo many beautiful looks so I got inspired to do this post and share with you 15 of her best looks! I tried to do a mix of natural makeup looks and artistic makeup looks but y’all know I love neutral looks so there is probably half and half. I feel like Nikkie’s looks are all very seamless and blended together very well which makes them so stunning to me. Don’t forget to like, follow, and comment which YouTuber I should do next!

Products With The Cutest Packaging!

For me and a lot of other people, packaging is a can make or break a product. If a product intrigues me a lot but the packaging is average I’ll still pick it up but if I see a product that sounds ok and has great packaging then I’ll pick it up! Sometimes I buy precuts with nice packaging to display on my vanity so if you are looking for products with cute packaging for any reasons listed above or more, then this is the post for you! Comment down below which product you think has the best packaging and don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Too Faced- Eyeshadow Palettes

In general I think that Too Faced has the best packaging and their palettes are actually what inspired this post today! Today I’ll specially be talking about their eyeshadow palettes which in my opinion have the best packaging. The picture shows the Chocolate Bar Palette, the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette, and the Sweet Peach Palette, but some other palettes with cute packaging is the Clover Palette, Chocolate Bar Gold Palette, and basically any palette they have ever came out with!

2. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Again this whole brand has great packaging but today I wanna talk about the Magic Star concealers because fore me they have the cutest packaging. I really like that the shape of the pink jewel on top and I love how he put a star on top because that’s his logo. I think it’s very personalized and unique!

3. Louboutin

A lot of people don’t know that Louboutin has a makeup brand but he does and it’s REALLY expensive! His packaging is very unique, his lip liners look like fancy spears and his eyeliners look like an old fashion pen with ink pot but the packaging on his lipsticks take my breath away. I have seen the outside packaging in gold and black but I think the gold is more breathtaking. Because of its beauty it’s hard to explain so just look at the picture below!

4. Colourpop

Y’all already know that I’m obsessed with Colourpop and packaging is part to blame! Colourpop releases a lot of new makeup but the quality is still high and they manage to have cute packaging! Their packaging is either simple and timeless or cute trendy, they can do no wrong!

5. Beauty Bakerie

I have never talked about Beauty Bakerie before, they are a Black Owned indie brand but they are slowly becoming more mainstream. All of their products are baking related like their setting powder is called flour and their beauty sponges come in egg cartons, and many more smart ideas!

New Posting Schedule!

Because it’s summer I’m gonna be going on vacation but that means I won’t be able to post as much because I’m going somewhere where there isn’t WiFi so I will try to post as much as I can but I don’t know how much that will be. When I get back though I will post Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday so hopefully that makes up for my lack of posting! Feel free to binge read all my old posts though! Have a great summer and I’ll hopefully posts again soon! đź’•

New Makeup Releases! July 2019

Another month, another New Makeup Releases! This month there is some interesting stuff, and as always it’s a mix of high end and drugstore. There is a ton of new makeup that I didn’t talk about too so comment down below what new makeup I missed out on and what you plan on picking up. Don’t forget to like and follow! To check out lasts months New Makeup Releases go to the comment section of today’s post and I’ll post the link!

1. Colourpop- California Life Collection

What would one of these posts be without Colourpop in it! I literally talk about them all the time in the New Makeup Releases posts. Colourpops new collection is called California Life, it’s all very neutral bronze tones with some pops of color. There is an eyeshadow palette, ultra blotted lips, and their BFF mascara in red and brown.

2. Too Faced- Born This Way Pressed Powder, $37

They already have a loose powder but they now have a pressed version too! Y’all know I love Pressed Powder but this one is really expensive but the packaging is cute and it looks good so I might pick it up after watching/reading some reviews on it. There are 25 shades which is good powder!

3. Colourpop- Uh-Huh Honey Eyeshadow Palette, $12

Colourpop has been coming out with 9 pan monochromatic eyeshadow palettes and the lastest one, an all yellow palette! The yellows in this palette range from sunshine yellow to honey yellow and the palette is overall gorgeous! With the palette they are also coming out with a brush set, lip scrub, glitters, and some skincare! And of course everything is affordable!

4. Essence- Lash Princess Waterproof Mascara, $5

Everyone knows the infamous Lash Princess Mascara, well now there is a waterproof version which I’m stoked for! Not only do I love mascara but I almost picked up this mascara but I decided to wait and good thing I did because I need a new waterproof mascara so this is perfect! Look out for a review of this mascara!

5. Physicians Formula- Rosé All Day Petal Glow, $15.99

These are highlighters although you might not guess it from its confusing name. These highlighters come in 3 shades, Soft Petal which is a pearly pink, Freshly Picked which is a champagne, Petal Pink which is a soft pink and finally Shimmering Rose which is a Rose Gold. I think the packaging is really cute and I love how the rose is indented into the highlighter but I will not be picking this up.

Beauty Favorites! June 2019

It’s that time of the month again, for more monthly favorites! I love doing favorites posts and you guys like them too, I just like the whole idea of everyone sharing what products they liked. As usual comment down below what products you have been loving and don’t forget to like and follow! This month we are going to be talking about some stable products in my makeup routine this month!

1. Physicians Formula- Butter Bronzer, $14.99

I included this in my Ride or Die Tag and I’m surprised I haven’t put this in a favorites yet but here it is now. This month I have used it more then ever, obviously as a bronzer but as an eyeshadow too! This bronzer is perfect for a one-color eyeshadow look because it adds a nice wash of color while making it still natural. I talked about the scent in the Ride or Die Tag but I need to be addressed again, it smells like heaven and coconut had a baby and I mean that very literally. Why am I getting so hyped up over a bronzer lol!

2. Wet n Wild- Contouring Palette, $4.99

I’ve always loved the contour shade but now I’m loving the powder more then ever because my Ride or Die powder is the Wet n Wild Pressed Powder but it’s meant to be a winter powder because it has a natural sheen to it which I normally love but in the summer I like matte because my sweat will end up shining through later. However there is quite a bit of kickback in the pan and it can get cakey. I just love this duo and you get 0.44oz for $4.99!

3. Nyx- LipLiner, $2.99

Omg! I put this liner in my Ride or Die Tag because it’s sooooo good! I have the shade natural which is great to outline our lips or shade them in! The formula is pretty creamy but it won’t break because it’s a pencil. It’s also versatile, you wear it by itself or underneath a lipstick or lipgloss or put Carmex or any lip balm on top and it will look great!

Makeup I Want To Buy!

I love making these posts, in fact I made 2 others similar to this, linked below, and you guys like it too! I think it’s great to share what products I’m looking out for and I encourage you to either post this too or tell me what you want to buy the the comments below! Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Milk- Hydro Grip Primer Mini, $15 (Full Size $30)

As the name suggests it’s supposed to hydrate your skin while making your makeup stay on all day! I got a tester of it from Sephora and I tried it out and loved it! It also smells good which was an unexpected bonus. I prob won’t buy this until August because I only wear primer for school so I don’t need to buy it until then and have it expiring and taking up space, but I can’t wait to have it!

2.NYX- Blotting Paper, $4

Blotting Paper sounds perfect for me, it’s to talk oil off of your face so your makeup looks good and like you just applied it in the middle of the day and I have combo skin but know that it’s summer my skin is more oily so this will be needed. You might be asking why these ones though, I looked on ULTA for cheap blotting paper and this came up and it doesn’t have bad reviews and I love NYX and there cheap so why not try them!

3. L.A. Girl Precision Lip Liner, $2.99

My new obsession has been lipliners, I talked about this in my Ride or Die Tag but I’ll talk about it again, I LOVE lining my lips with a lipliner and then putting Carmex on top of it! Now I want every lip liner ever and one of my fav YouTubers, JuicyJas, which I mentioned in my Favorite Beauty Gurus post, just made a Best Nude Lip Products video and y’all know I’m a sucker for nude lips so I watched it and she talked about these lipliners so now I need them!

4. Moira Beauty- Wanderlust Dream Eyeshadow Palette, $17

I was watching a Julia Mazzucato YouTube video and she was talking about Moira Beauty palettes and I have never heard anyone but her talk about them before so I went to their website saw so many beautiful eyeshadow palettes but I like this one the most because it has the neutrals that y’all know I love but it also has pops of colors!

5. Morphe

I always end these posts with a brand so for this one I choose Morphe. I’m sure some of you guys are shocked that I still haven’t tried Morphe and to be honest, so am I. They seem like a brand I would buy from but I still haven’t purchased from them!

Marshalls Makeup Haul! Beauty Bargains

Me the shopaholic is back with another haul! I honestly think it’s an issue how much I shop, it may not seem like I shop that much because I don’t have many hauls but trust I shop a lot! That’s why I like to buy drugstore makeup because it’s cheaper! And that’s also why I decided to go to Marshall’s! I’m on Summer Break so I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube and I was in a rabbit hole of watching TJMax and Marshall shop with me’s so I decided to check it out for myself and it was soooooo much fun! You can get highend makeup for cheap! I think this can be a new series, Beauty Bargains, were I show you guys high end makeup for cheap. Comment what great stuff you have found at Marshall’s and don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Too Faced- Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick, $5.99 (Originally $21)

This was SUCH a steal! I was gonna get the shade Peekaboo but it was too pink so I got Hopeless Romantic which was the most nude shade they had, there and online which is a shame because y’all know I love my nudes! This shade is more peachy and bright so I wanted to wear it as a pop of color but it’s not bright enough which in theory is good because I don’t like bright shades but it’s in the weird middle of wearable and a pop of color so I don’t know how much use I will get out of it but it’s pretty and the packaging is to die for! That was a long run on sentence, oops.

2. E.l.f- Mad For Matte Nude Mood Eyeshadow Palette, $3.99 (Originally $10)

Unfortunately this came broken and I knew that because I opened it in the store but it’s fine cause only 2 shades were broken so I went home out rubbing alcohol in it and it was fixed. The shades that I fixed weren’t as pigmented as the others but it’s fine, then the next day I broke those same two shades again, ugh! All the other shades are amazing! They are pigmented and blend out great and are shades I use all the time! I used it a couple times and have made some Looks I really love!

3. Forever 21-Brush Set, $7.90

I didn’t get this at Marshall’s I got it at Forever 21 but I regret not waiting because I went to Forever 21 before I went to Marshall’s and I got a brush set at F21 but they were wayyyyy cheaper at Marshall’s! It’s fine though because I got the big powder brush for travel so I haven’t used it yet but the small pencil brush is great! I don’t think I will use the medium stippling brush because it’s not tapered enough for highlighter but it’s a weird shaper as a blender brush so we’ll what happens.

21 Summer Outfits!

I think Spring/Summer fashion is the cutest and it’s when I get to experiment more with colors and print so naturally I love this time of year! Sometimes though I’m overwhelmed by all the endless options for outfits so today I have 21 outfit ideas that hopefully give you a starting part for outfits of your own! I tried to incorporate different styles but I think the outfits I choose are all similar to my style so sorry if they aren’t your style, but Summer is a great time to experiment with different clothes and styles. Comment below your favorite outfit. Don’t forget to like and follow!

Rid Or Die Tag!

I talk about a lot of makeup here on my blog but today I want to talk to you about my Ride or Die Products! This tag was created by Jaclyn Hill which is one of my fav YouTubers and I mentioned her in my Best Beauty Gurus post. I’m gonna paste something from the description box of that video, “Rules: List your ride or die cosmetic products from each category (foundation, blush, mascara, lip products, etc.). If you could only take ONE from each category to a desert island, which would you choose?” In a couple months I plan on updating this tag so let me know if you guys would be interested in that! I tag everyone to do this tag because I would love to hear everyone’s Ride or Dies and it would take to long and to much space to tag everyone. Comment below what products are your Ride or Dies that I need to try next. Don’t forget to Like and Follow!

Primer- E.l.f. Mineral Infused Primer, $5.99

This primer helps keep my makeup on all day and it makes my makeup last through sports and me working out. It is a really smooth primer and feels like silk on the skin.

Foundation- E.l.f Flawless Finish Foundation, $6

This foundation is light to medium coverage and looks beautiful on the skin. This foundation isn’t too matte and isn’t too oily, it’s that perfect in between. Not to mention it’s e.l.f. and I love all of e.l.f’s products that I have tried.

Concealer- Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer, $6.99

This concealer is weightless and natural looking. I also love the packaging and how there is a sponge applicator! I have used 1/4 of it which is a lot for me because I don’t wear concealer a lot I just got it a couple months ago.

Powder- Wet n Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder, $4.99

This has been my favorite powder for a year, it was in my yearly favorites, monthly favorites, and more posts about best makeup. This powder is perfect for use I don’t wear foundation or concealer everyday so I need a powder with some coverage and this one is perfect for me. It has a little bit of sheen to it so it looks natural.

Contour- Wet n Wild Contouring Duo Palette, $5.49

This duo has a contour and a powder both of which are good but I like my other Wet n Wild better then the powder in that duo. Both of the products have a lot of kickback in the pan, the powder more then the contour but it’s nothing that makes me not want to use it. It’s buildable and blendable, would recommend.

Bronzer- Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, $14.99

First of all, this bronzer smells like Tropical Heaven! It also is really smooth and buttery as the name suggests, and they have 8 shades which is great because bronzers rarely come out with that many shades. This bronzer is a cult favorite and for good reason!

Blush- Essence Satin Touch Blush, $2.99

I don’t wear blush because I have naturally really red cheeks but that doesn’t mean I don’t like blush. This blush is not Age and is not shimmery, it has a natural sheen to it which is beautiful”

Highlighter- Tarte Exposed Highlighter, $29

If I did this tag a month ago I would have said the L.A. Colors Glowtime Highlighter but now I’m saying the Tarte highlighter and trust me when I say that it was hard to choose but at the end of the day the Tarte Highlighter is what I wear the most and what is perfect for me, but I will always love the L.A. Colors highlighter!

Eyeshadow Palette- Wet n Wild Rosé in the Air Eyeshadow Palette, $5.29

They have these palettes in different shades but personally RosĂ© in the air is my favorite that I’ve tried so far. It has everything for a everyday makeup look, glam, warm tone Smokey eye, and many more looks. The formula isn’t the best but it definitely isn’t the worst, it blends well but not amazing and has great color pigmentation!

Mascara- It Cosmetics Superhero, $24

I wanted to put the Colormates classic mascara because it is my favorite but it’s really hard to find so I decided to put this one instead. This lengthens your lashes while adding volume and keeping it natural looking. The packaging is also really sleek and cool.

Eyebrow Pencil- E.l.f Eyebrow Pencil, $2

Surprisingly I haven’t talked about this eyebrow pencil a lot but it is my all time fav! I use it everyday and I feel like I need, I even have a backup because if I ever run out I need to have another one right away. I would totally recommend picking it up especially cause it’s only $2.


I haven’t found one I’m crazy about so comment down below your favorites and I’ll try them out!

Lipliner- NYX LipLiner, $4

I have this in the shade natural which is the perfect shade for me! I use this almost everyday, I’ll trace my lips with it and put Carmex on top and it’s perfect! You need to get this right now!

Lipstick- L.A. Colors Natural Shine Lipstick, $1

I don’t wear this that much any more because I’ve been wearing the lipliner Carmex duo but I still wear this and I still love it. It’s a pretty nude with a little bit of sheen.

Lipgloss- Wet n Wild High Shine Lip Gloss, $4.99

I have the shade Send Nudes and I love it for really glam looks! I think this a pretty nude that matches any look. I’m sorry that all these lip products are nudes but wha5 can I say, I love them!

Setting Spray- Water

I understand the benefits of setting spray and I want to try some but I can’t bring myself to buy something that is essential water so I put water in a spray bottle I got from Dollar Tree and spray my face and it works fine!

15 Natural but Unique Makeup Looks!

There are some days were I want a natural makeup look but with a little flair to it. Sometimes I don’t know what kind of fair I want so here are 15 makeup looks that are natural but with a little something extra. I normally do 10 looks but there were so many beautiful looks that I couldn’t choose! Comment down below your favorite look! Don’t forget to like and follow!

Jeffree Star Summer 2019 Jawbreaker Collection!

What we have been waiting for has finally arrived, Jeffree Stars Summer Collection! It’s widely known that he has an addiction to sweets and candy and has even come out with a palette called Blue Blood so he it wasn’t much of a surprise to see him come out with a Jawbreaker Collection. As always, the packaging is so cute and the outside packaging is Acid this time which is basically a neon yellow.

Jeffree says that this is his biggest collection yet and that defiantly seems to be the case, there are eyshadow palettes, face palettes, lip products, mirrors, and more! Products range in prices from $12-$58. Jeffree is coming out with 3 palettes, 2 eyeshadow and a face palette. The eyeshadow palette is his biggest one yet with 24 shades for $58 and for the first time ever he has a Mini Eyeshadow Palette with 9 shades, two of which can be found in the Original Jaw Breaker Palette, this retails for $28. The third palette is a highlighter palette with 6 different shades, some more wearable then others.

These products can be found on his website starting from June 21 at 10 PST USA. I have a screenshot of all the product prices and descriptions from the description box of the release video.

10 Summer Makeup Looks!

I feel like summer is one of those times when you can be really creative with your makeup looks! But sometimes it’s hard to start from now where when you are trying to be creative so here are 10 looks you can either recreate or use as inspiration for a look! Comment down below your favorite look! Don’t forget to like and follow!

10 Inspiring Makeup Looks!

Sometimes I get stuck doing the same natural makeup looks until I see a picture of a really cool makeup look and I feel inspired to make something similar or just step out of the box.I thought I would do the easy part for you and find 10 Makeup looks that hopefully inspire you. I just released that all of these are inspiring in the eyes and not the face so if you want 10 Inspiring Face Makeup Looks then comment it. Comment down below what makeup look inspired you the most! Don’t forget to like and follow!

New Makeup Releases! June 2019

Every month I make one of these, last months listed in the comments, but every time I do them the same but today’s is a little different. I didn’t plan on doing it different but I couldn’t choose between some releases so today I have 6 instead of 5 and 3 of those releases are Colourpop because they have come out with so much and I wanted to talk about all of them so what I would normally do it put them under all one category but they are all so different I didn’t think that I could put them together. Comment down below what products you want me to review and what products you want to pickup. Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Colourpop- Blush Stix, $8

Colourpops Super Schock blushes have done well but know they are coming out with stick blushes. This means they are a cream formula. They have shimmery blushes and matte blushes but their cream so their not really matte. There are 18 shades, you can buy them individually, in duos, or in trios.

3. Tatcha- Satin Skin Mist, $48

Tatcha has the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist which YouTube was obsessed with so they have come out with another mist that has the same packaging as the Water Cream. This mist is Clean which means it’s made from good ingredients. This is for people with combo or oily skin. It targets, oiliness, pores, and dryness. This product sounds like it was made for me because it has everything I need but it’s really expensive so I’m gonna wait for it to come out in a smaller size so I test it out.

3. Melt Cosmetics @ Sephora

Melt is now at Sephora!!! Melt is known for their eyeshadow palettes which are expensive but great quality! A lot of people complain that there’s break in the mail because of their soft formula but now you can get it in store and online at Sephora.

4. Colourpop- Blue Moon Eyeshadow Palette, $12

Colourpop has recently been coming out with colorful eyeshadow palettes with 9 pans for $12 and they have done pink, purple, green, red, and now blue. Those palette has a range of light blues and darker blues with 4 shimmers and 5 mattes.

5. Jeffree Star- The Gloss, $18

Usually I make a whole post about Jeffree Stars new products but I didn’t feel that it was a big enough release to make a whole post about it and this post was coming up so I didn’t feel it was needed. There are 18 shades with shimmery finishes and non shimmery finishes. There are different shade from the perfect nude to a black gloss so their will be something for everyone. For me personally, it’s too much money and I have enough glosses for now.

6. Colourpop- Summer Collection

Colourpop just came out with their summer collection and it’s amazing! They have another 9 pan $12 palette this time red, glosses, jelly shadows, and more! Everything is red and watermelon themed which is sooooo cute and the packaging is beautiful! This collection is to celebrate Colourpops 5 year anniversary!

Beauty Favorites! May 2019

This month I have some stuff I have liked for a while and some new stuff! I make on of these every month make sure to check out favorite from last month, it will be linked in the comments. I love to hear about your favorites too so go ahead and comment them down below! Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Carmex- Lip balm, $1

Everyone knows what carmex is and I’m shucked I haven’t included it in a favorites yet. In the past couple weeks I have been obsessed with it, it’s all I wear to school right now! Carmex just makes your lips look more plump and shiny, I just can’t get enough! You can get Carmex at Dollar for a dollar which is a really good deal and you get the same amount of product. #score

2. Wet n Wild- HighShine Lipgloss, $5.29

When I’m not wearing Carmex it’s this. I have the shade send nudes and it’s the perfect for my skin tone! The formula is great but I do get hair stuck in my lipgloss but I think that is inevitable (side note, am I the only one that thinks of thanks whenever I say inevitable, comment below). I feel like everyone is coming out with glosses right now because it’s summer time so if your looking for a new gloss I would recommend this.

3. Tarte- Highlighter, $29

I talked about this and the Wet n Wild lipgloss in my Makeup I’ve tried recently so if you read that I’m kinda repeating myself. I have the shade exposed which is a perfect gold shade for my skin tone! The formula is also great so it doesn’t look like I applied glitter to my face but like I have a very intense natural sheen. They have a mini version if you want to try it out but not buy the full size.

Clothing Haul!

I know last week I did a haul but this week I got a TON of clothes and I wanted to share them with you, even though I’m known for my makeup posts, I’m Calle Teen BEAUTY Central and beauty is makeup and fashion. Comment down below if you would like me to do more fashion posts and if so what! Don’t forget to like and follow!

BTW I changed the laces to white

Makeup I’ve Tried Recently Review!

Recently I have gotten a lot of makeup that I didn’t haul here but I still want to tell you guys about it and review it for y’all!

1. Wet n Wild- High Shine Liquid Catsuit, $5.29

I got a couple weeks ago and when I first got it I liked it then a couple days later I got my Revlon lipgloss ,which I won’t include in this post because I’ve talked about it so much! I feel like the Revlon gloss outshined the wet n Wild lipgloss. I still like the formula and the shade though, I just don’t get a lot of use out of it. I got the shade send nudes.

2. Tarte- Exposed Highlighter, $29

This is my current obsession! I love this shade on my skin tone and the formula is perfect! It’s not too glittery but it can be built up to blinding but it can also be ire natural. I love this highlighter!

3. Essence- Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil, $2.99

This is in the shade 06 silky nude which is a basic nude shade that I bought to line the waterline with. Even though it says that it is water proof it smudges all over the lash line and would not recommend this.

4. Essence- Kajal Pencil, $2.99

I got this eye pencil a couple days after I got the other eye pencil but this one was a gift for Easter and the other one I bought on my own. I have this pencil in 04 white. I like this pencil a lot better then then the last eye pencil, it lasts way longer and it makes your eyes look more awake. Get this eyeliner over the last one.

5. Wet n Wild- Highlighter, $4.99

I was so in love with the Tarte highlighter so I wanted another one like it so I got the Wet n Wild highlighter that every YouTuber raves about but I personally do t like it. First the cult favorite shade, Golden Flower Crown is to dark for me but I’m a medium skin tone and there is a darker gold but not a lighter gold. The formula itself looks a little streaky and I like the Tarte highlighter way better!

Cute Nail Ideas!

A couple months ago I did 10 Cute Acrylics, linked in the comments, and you guys liked it so I decided to do it again but last time was all long acrylics so this time I have a mix. There is a mix of long and short and simple and unique! Comment down favorite and which one I should get next. Don’t forget to like and follow!

Best Beauty Gurus!

There are a ton of beauty gurus on YouTube so I wanted to give my opinions on the Best Beauty Gurus. I want to include some smaller YouTubers too! Of course some people would think that the “Smaller YouTubers” are really big but for the sake of this post, >500,000 subscribers is small. I would recommend to do this challenge so because I think it’s great to give people shoutouts, especially if they are smaller. Comment down below your favorite YouTubers! Don’t forget to like and follow!

Small YouTubers

Julia Mazzucato- 15,330 subscribers

I discovered her a couple months ago and she takes my breath away with her looks and her personality is amazing! Even tho I’ve never meet her I feel like she’s my bestie and she is what I aspire to be! And she is gonna be a doctor so she is a literal queen!

Nicole Renee- 139,084 Subscribers

Nicole is the Queen of Drugstore makeup and when she recommends something I add it to my stuff buy! Her and Julia are my favorite YouTubers but all the other ones on this list are great too!

Andrea Matillano- 299,165 subscribers

She is a cruelty free YouTuber and does more Best of ____ brand which I love to watch.

Tifjef069- 51,831 subscribers

I love all of her videos! She is really fun to watch and when she says something is good I might pick it up because I trust her reviews!

Isabella Goria- 15,464 subscribers

Bella is the Queen of Hauls! She does clothing hauls, makeup hauls, and more!

Big YouTubers

Juicyjas- 575,525 subscribers

She is a YouTuber that I have discovered pretty recently but I really enjoy her videos!

Christen Dominque- 4,226,616 subscribers

I watched her a lot before but not as much now but I still love her and her videos!

Jaclyn Hill- 5,901,411 subscribers

She doesn’t post a lot but I love her videos and her talent is amazing!

Tati- 5,844,626 subscribers

I know this is controversial because of the James Charles scandal but I have been watching her for a long time, I was a subscriber when her name was GlamLifeGuru! I really trust her reviews because she is a reliable source.

Alisha Marie- 8,117,393 subscribers

She is more lifestyle but I still wanted to include her because she is the first YouTuber I watched before I started really started watching YouTube.

Makeup Haul!

I first want to say that I’m so sorry for not posting this week but I was really busy with testing but from now on I’ll have my normal posting schedule. I haven’t done a makeup haul or a haul in general in a really long time! Today I went shopping so I thought I should tell you guys what I got. If I have used it I will give you a short review but I haven’t gathered my full opinions on any of the products because I’ve only used them once.

1. E.l.f- Flawless Finish Foundation, $6

I have been wanting this foundation for a while now and I even put it in my Makeup I Want To Buy that I posted last week, and I finally got it! I have only used it once and it was fine, wasn’t completely matte but wasn’t shiny, I would light to medium coverage. There was only one of my shade left and it was the old packaging and I later found out that the lid was broken and it doesn’t stay on which makes me mad but whatever. Overall the foundation was fine but I’ll update you guys later because I need to keep trying it out.

2. Beauty Benefits- Pressed Powder, $1-9.99

I know that it’s a big price difference, I paid $1 for it at the Dollar Tree but online it’s $6.99-$9.99 slim confused. I countless find my shade in this so I got it in a darker shade and want to use it as a bronzer. Because it’s a meant to be a powder I doesn’t blend out well so my bronzer isn’t blended out but I can kind of make it work.

3. Global Beauty Care- Collagen Makeup Wipes, $1-6.99

Again I got these at Dollar Tree for $1 but I saw it online for way more money. I got these because you can never have too many makeup wipes, I haven’t tried these out yet because I already have makeup wipes open and I don’t want to have two open.

Best Skincare! For all skin types

My skin has been on a roller coaster recently, it has gone from as smooth as a baby to acne infested so today I want to share my favorite skincare products. Warning, not everything that worked for my will work for you because skincare is very particular to everyone individually. I have oily skin but I used to have dry skin so I have products for both skin types. Comment your favorite skincare products. Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Lush- Rosy Cheeks Face Mask

This was in my April Favorites but I have been using it for more than just April. I use this at least 2 times a week. I can see my skin smoother the morning after I use this face mask. And it smells great! For any skin type but best for normal to oily skin.

2. Cera Ve- Foaming Facial Cleanser

I use this in the shower so I put it on when I get in but I keep it in when I do my shampoo and then wash them both out. I have been using this for over a year and I still haven’t gone through a whole bottle don’t need that much. It says normal to oily skin but I used it when I had dry skin and it still worked great.

3. Neutrogena- Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Cleanser

I use this when my skin is really oily or when I break out. This is not a product I use everyday day because if I did my skin would be soooooooo dry. I would not recommend for dry skin but if you have really oily skin you might like it and if you have combo skin you might like it but don’t use it everyday.

4. Lush- Ocean Salt Facial Cleanser

Whenever my skin is particularly bad I will use this and helps clean up some of my acne. It does have some salt in it though so it does create a bit of a mess. Would recommend for any skin type.

5. Cetaphil- Moisturizing Cream

I have been using this moisturizer all my life and it works great! When I get little dry patches on my face from using the Neutrogena. This is also a good moisturizer because it’s not water based like some moisturizers so it will keep your skin hydrated for longer. Good for all skincare types!

The Sunshine Blogger Award!

OMG! Thank you Liz, , for nominating me for The Sunshine Blogger Award! Basically, It’s a award for people that demonstrate Positive attitude and joy!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so that others can find them.

• Add the award logo to your blog.

• List the rules.

• Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.

• Nominate 11 bloggers for the award and ask them 11 new questions.

• Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog post.

Now I’m gonna answer the 11 question Liz gave me.

1. What’s one thing you want to achieve in life?

2. If you could live in another country, which one would you choose?

3. What do you feel the most proud of?

4. What’s your favourite song?

5. What was your favourite subject at school?

6. How do you spend your free time?

7. Who is your idol?

8. What skill would you like to learn?

9. Cats or dogs?

10. What’s your favourite sport?

11. Are you usually early or late?

1. I want to achieve eternal happiness which is really corny and nearly impossible but at the end of the day I just want to be happy!

2. I would like to live in Switzerland because my family has a vacation house there and I always loved going there!

3. I am most proud of myself which is weird but I’m proud of the person I have become.

4. My favorite song is always changing but right now I would say anything Ariana Grande.

5. I still am in school and my favorite subject is Social Studies (History) because I think it is really important and interesting to learn about.

6. I spend my free time writing blog posts, playing soccer, reading, and watching YouTube.

7. My idol is Michelle Obama because I think she is an amazing person and her journey is amazing and even with her platform she is still down to earth.

8. I would like to be able to speak another language fluently.

9. Cats! I have two of them and they are amazing! I love dogs too because I’m an animal person but I think cats are underrated and I love them!

10. My favorite sport is soccer because I love the teamwork, skill, and everything. I had tryouts this week so sorry if this post is a little late.

11. I am always early or late by only a couple minutes, I think being on time is a great skill and it shows respect.

These are my 11 questions for the people that I choose.

1. What brings you the most joy?

2. Makeup or Skincare?

3. Drugstore or Highend makeup?

4. Healthy food or Junk food?

5. What’s your favorite color and why?

6. What’s your favorite number and why?

7. Baking or Cooking?

8. What’s your favorite color?

9. What’s your birthstone?

10. Sephora or ULTA?

11. What’s your favorite blog post you have ever done?

I’m supposed to do 11 but as Liz said that’s too much so I’m just gonna do 5.

1. Liz

2. Morgan Elizabeth

3. Pooja G

4. New Lune

5. Peculiar Belgian

Top 6 Lip Products!

I LOVE lip products, they are one of the things that I can somehow keep justifying when I buy them. I think a good lip really pulls the look together so today I’ll be telling you 6 of my favorite lip products! Comment down below your favorite lip products and don’t forget to like and follow! In no particular order let’s get started!

1. E.O.S- Lip Balm Strawberry Sorbet, $2.99

I feel like this hydrates the lips nicely and if you don’t want to wear a lipstick then I’ll wear this. And it tastes good which is always a good bonus.

2. L.A. Colors- shade Natural Shine, $1

This is from the dollar tree and I featured it in my Best Dollar Tree Makeup and I love this lipstick! The formula isn’t drying and the shade is perfect for everyday use!

3. NYX Professional Makeup-Lip Liner natural, $2.99

I have had this lipliner for a couple years now and it’s what started my obsession with nudes. This was the first lip product that I used everyday for like a month and I still use it to this day even a year+ later, and I didn’t need to buy a new one because they last for so long.

4. Sephora Collection- #lipstories 01 Brunch Date, $8

I love this lipstick so much that I have a whole review just for it. There are so many shades so you have to find your perfect shade. The formula is great and there are a couple different finishes.

5. Revlon- Super Luscious Lip Gloss- Sky Pink, $8.99

This lipgloss is perfect for everything, running errands or just chilling at home. Y’all know I love my nude lips but I’m changing it up with this, it’s a light and natural pink which looks great on the lips. I have included this in soooooo many of my posts recently but that’s how you know I love it!

6. Wet n Wild- High Shine Liquid Catsuit- Send Nudes, $5.29

The shade name is interesting to say the least, but the shade is gorgeous this is not at all a sheer gloss but it is very shiny which I love. I still prefer the Revlon formula but this is cheaper and has a good shade range as well.

Makeup I Want To Buy!

A month or two ago I did a Makeup I’m Looking Out For, linked in the comments, and your guys really liked that so I wanted to do another one! I personally love doing these to show you guys what products are on my current wishlists. Comment below what products you want to buy. Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Rimmel- Stay Matte Primer, $5.99

My skin has recently changed to oily so I need a primer to keep my makeup matte and staying on my face. I haven’t heard anyone talk about this primer but I have heard great things about the powder from this line so I wanted to try it out.

2. E.l.f Cosmetics- Flawless Finish Foundation, $6

I don’t have any foundations, just bb creams and I have only tried 2 things from them but use them both almost everyday so I want to try out more from them and I’ve heard good things about this.

3. Mario Bedescu- Rose Water Facial Spray, $7

Everybody on YouTube has raved about it and it’s a cult favorite. I used to just be into makeup but now I like skincare too! I having been slowing getting more acne so I thought that this could maybe help. And it looks pretty! lol

4. Wet n Wild- Cosmic Collision Eyeshadow Palette, $4.99

I have this palette but in the shade Rose in the air and I LOVE it! I don’t have many colorful shadows but I do want some so I thought this palette be a great addition to my collection because it’s colorful but not too crazy. However it’s only online which sucks but I’ll pick it up when it comes to ULTA!

5. Milani

Everyone has good things to say about Milani and after watching Jeffree Stars Full Face of Milani I just want to try out their products. There is nothing in particular I want to try out from them because I have heard amazing things about all of there products.

New Makeup Releases! May 2019

Every month I make one of these and you guys LOVE these posts so of course I’m gonna keep em coming! This month there weren’t that many great releases but I choose 5 launch’s that interested me and I thought that would interest you as well! I’ll link last months New Makeup below in the comments. Comment what launch you are most expected about in the comment. Don’t forget to like and comment!

1. Wet n Wild- Crystal Cavren

You guys know I love Wet n Wild but this collection does not interest me. There are shiny lip glosses, eyeshadow trios, highlighters, some skincare and more. This is a limited edition collection. That’s all info that has been released so far.

2. Colourpop x Shayla (round two)- Proceed With Caution Collection

This collection comes with an eyeshadow palette, lip kits, and blushes. All of it is super inexpensive because it’s Colourpop! What I mean by round two is that this is Shayla’s second collabing with Colourpop. I personally won’t be picking anything up as of right now but I might later.

3. Kylie Cosmetics- Kyebrow

There are soooooooo many products that she is released, she released brow pencil, brow gel, brow brush, brow powder, brow highlighter, brow palmade. All of the above come in 6 shades. You can purchase them separately or in bundles together. I’m personally only interested in the eyebrow pencil because that’s all I use and it’s only $14 which is way lower than what I thought because it’s Kylie. If this collection comes to ULTA I could defiantly see myself picking up the brow pencil.

4. Coverfx- Blush Duo (6 shades) Beonzer Duo (2 shades), $38

Even though they are called Blush Duo and Bronzer Duos it looks like one of them in each duo is a highlighter. These do intrigue me but I will not pay $38 for this, if a drugstore brand dupes this then I might pick it up. You can find this is ULTA and Sephora.

5. Bh Cosmetics- Gel eyeliners, $8

On their website they say they are on say for $5 which makes no sense because they are brand new! I might end up picking this up because I need a new eyeliner but I’m not that into gel eyeliners. I have heard good things about bh cosmetics but I have never tried them out for my self.

Beauty Favorites! April 2019

I love making these monthly favorites because it shows you guys what I’ve been using everyday this month! I hope you guys love this too and if you do then I would love to hear your monthly favorites on you blog or in the comments below! Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Lush-Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask, $12.65

This is my first non makeup item in my monthly favorites so you know it must be good! I love this face mask, it is my favorite one from lush. I use this face mask at least 3 times a week and I have actually been seeing an improvement in my skin. This mask smooths my skin and minimizes the appearance of acne. I feel like it’s good for oil control but before I had oily skin I put moisturizer on after doing this mask and my skin wouldn’t be too dry. 100% would recommend!

2. Revlon- Super Lustrous Lip Gloss , $6.69 (price varies) shade Sky Pink

I got this lip gloss for Easter so only a week ago but I have used it almost everyday since then and I have been loving it! The shade Sky Pink is a natural pink which is great for everyday use. The formula is great but my hair does get stuck in it but that’s inevitable with lip gloss. This lip gloss has turned from a lip gloss hater to a lip gloss lover!

3. L.A. Colors- Pressed Powder, $1

I included this in my Best Drugstore Makeup and I still love it! I use two powders everyday, I know high maintenance, and this is one of those powders. I use this powder to brighten up the under eyes. The shade range is not great and the packaging is crap but it’s only a buck and it comes with a mirror soooooooooo I mean in my book it’s worth it. I understand though that some people feel weird about makeup from Dollar Tree.

Makeup That Is Surprisingly Good!

I try out a lot of makeup, most I buy because I’ve heard good things about but others I bought because some people loved it and other people hated. However, any reason I buy the makeup, there is a some makeup that I bought but had low expectations for or didn’t expect to like. Comment down below what makeup surprised you. Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. L.A. Colors- Highlighter- Shade: Glowtime, $1

This was in my Best Dollar Tree Makeup. I got this because I wanted a new highlighter and I thought it looked good and it’s only a dollar so if I didn’t end up liking it then I didn’t waste a lot of money. Right when I got home I tried it out and it was AMAZING! I was glowing to the gods! This highlighter looks better with a full face of makeup rather then a bare face.

2. Maybelline- Great Lash Mascara, $5.99

I got this because I wanted a mascara to just throw on to look alive but nothing special. This mascara makes me look alive and more! It separates my lashes, makes them longer, and all around prettier. Maybelline is known for their great mascaras and this one did not disappoint.

3. Revlon- Super Lustrous Lipgloss, $8.99

I don’t like lipgloss and I haven’t tried anything from Revlon before because I haven’t heard anything good about them so when I got this product for easter I was a little disappointed but still grateful. Then I tried it on and I loved it! I have the shade ‘Sky Pink’ which is a beautiful light pink shade. I’m usually a nude lip color girl but now I don’t now. Of everything in this post this supposed me the most and I think I like this the most.

Brands That Excite Me Tag!

This tag has been going around on YouTube fairly recently so I wanted to do it because it seems fun! I don’t know who started it but I saw AndrĂ©a Matillano on YouTube do it but now the video is unavailable which is weird. I think this tag is super fun so if you would like to do this tag I would totally recommend it but if not then feel free to list it in the comments! Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Wet n Wild

I love everything I have tried from Wet n Wild, some more then others but I still love everything. I think their quality is great especially for the price! Whenever they come out with a new product I always want to get it and some of the time I do end up picking it up. I feel like it’s a shame though that ULTA and Target, etc, don’t carry all of their products because there is so much more from Wet n Wild that I want to try but it’s only on their website and I don’t wanna pay for shipping. But they still do have amazing products in store.

2. E.l.f Cosmetics

E.l.f is a brand that I haven’t tried that much from, I have only tried 2 products from them but I love them both so much and I use both of them everyday. I use the Mineral Infused Primer in my t-zone so I have some oil control and I use the Eyebrow Pencil everyday no matter what, I even bought a backup just so I don’t ever have to run out of it. There is so much more that I acanthus wait to try out from the brand!

3. Maybelline

Maybelline doesn’t come out with many new products but they are a brand that have been around for a while so there is a lot of makeup that I want to try that has been out for a while. For example I have heard great things about their Fit Me collection so I will pick that up soon. I have tried two of their mascaras and they are both amazing!

Makeup Fails!

With the amount of makeup I have it’s nearly impossible not to have makeup fails. I a,ways talk about what to buy but it’s time to turn the tables, here are some products that didn’t work for me or are just really bad. Comment what products you have tried that failed you. Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. LancĂ´me- Monsier Big Mascara, $24

When I got this mascara it had soooooooo much hype so I was stoked to use it. I talked about this in my review post but it made my lashes really clumpy and just ugly. I used it various times because what if I used too much or it’s always bad on the first try, every time I used it, I did not like how it came out.

2. Tarte- Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, $23

I got this mascara in a Tarte Holiday set and I got that set mainly for this mascara so I was disappointed when I didn’t like this mascara. Same with the LancĂ´me mascara, it was clumpy and smudged a lot on my lower lash line. I like the packaging and I think the name is unique but the product it self is t the best.

3. L.A. Colors- Eyeshadow Palettes, price varies

I have tried 5 L.A. Colors eyeshadow palettes and I have liked one and a half, palettes. All of them though have a lot of fallout or at least kickback in the pan. None of the color stories interest me expect for one palette which is the ‘L.A. Colors Matte Eyeshadow’ which is my favorite palette from them because it’s the only one I like and it’s all neutral so how could I not like it.

Happy Easter!

I love Easter, I think it’s a great holiday to hang out with your family and hunt for eggs or put out the eggs. Also, who doesn’t love candy it’s like Spring Halloween! This is a really short post because I want to spend t8me with my family and I want you guys to do the same! Have a great Easter Weekend! đź’–đź’•