New Posting Schedule!

Because it’s summer I’m gonna be going on vacation but that means I won’t be able to post as much because I’m going somewhere where there isn’t WiFi so I will try to post as much as I can but I don’t know how much that will be. When I get back though I will post Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday so hopefully that makes up for my lack of posting! Feel free to binge read all my old posts though! Have a great summer and I’ll hopefully posts again soon! 💕


New Makeup Releases! July 2019

Another month, another New Makeup Releases! This month there is some interesting stuff, and as always it’s a mix of high end and drugstore. There is a ton of new makeup that I didn’t talk about too so comment down below what new makeup I missed out on and what you plan on picking up. Don’t forget to like and follow! To check out lasts months New Makeup Releases go to the comment section of today’s post and I’ll post the link!

1. Colourpop- California Life Collection

What would one of these posts be without Colourpop in it! I literally talk about them all the time in the New Makeup Releases posts. Colourpops new collection is called California Life, it’s all very neutral bronze tones with some pops of color. There is an eyeshadow palette, ultra blotted lips, and their BFF mascara in red and brown.

2. Too Faced- Born This Way Pressed Powder, $37

They already have a loose powder but they now have a pressed version too! Y’all know I love Pressed Powder but this one is really expensive but the packaging is cute and it looks good so I might pick it up after watching/reading some reviews on it. There are 25 shades which is good powder!

3. Colourpop- Uh-Huh Honey Eyeshadow Palette, $12

Colourpop has been coming out with 9 pan monochromatic eyeshadow palettes and the lastest one, an all yellow palette! The yellows in this palette range from sunshine yellow to honey yellow and the palette is overall gorgeous! With the palette they are also coming out with a brush set, lip scrub, glitters, and some skincare! And of course everything is affordable!

4. Essence- Lash Princess Waterproof Mascara, $5

Everyone knows the infamous Lash Princess Mascara, well now there is a waterproof version which I’m stoked for! Not only do I love mascara but I almost picked up this mascara but I decided to wait and good thing I did because I need a new waterproof mascara so this is perfect! Look out for a review of this mascara!

5. Physicians Formula- Rosé All Day Petal Glow, $15.99

These are highlighters although you might not guess it from its confusing name. These highlighters come in 3 shades, Soft Petal which is a pearly pink, Freshly Picked which is a champagne, Petal Pink which is a soft pink and finally Shimmering Rose which is a Rose Gold. I think the packaging is really cute and I love how the rose is indented into the highlighter but I will not be picking this up.

Beauty Favorites! June 2019

It’s that time of the month again, for more monthly favorites! I love doing favorites posts and you guys like them too, I just like the whole idea of everyone sharing what products they liked. As usual comment down below what products you have been loving and don’t forget to like and follow! This month we are going to be talking about some stable products in my makeup routine this month!

1. Physicians Formula- Butter Bronzer, $14.99

I included this in my Ride or Die Tag and I’m surprised I haven’t put this in a favorites yet but here it is now. This month I have used it more then ever, obviously as a bronzer but as an eyeshadow too! This bronzer is perfect for a one-color eyeshadow look because it adds a nice wash of color while making it still natural. I talked about the scent in the Ride or Die Tag but I need to be addressed again, it smells like heaven and coconut had a baby and I mean that very literally. Why am I getting so hyped up over a bronzer lol!

2. Wet n Wild- Contouring Palette, $4.99

I’ve always loved the contour shade but now I’m loving the powder more then ever because my Ride or Die powder is the Wet n Wild Pressed Powder but it’s meant to be a winter powder because it has a natural sheen to it which I normally love but in the summer I like matte because my sweat will end up shining through later. However there is quite a bit of kickback in the pan and it can get cakey. I just love this duo and you get 0.44oz for $4.99!

3. Nyx- LipLiner, $2.99

Omg! I put this liner in my Ride or Die Tag because it’s sooooo good! I have the shade natural which is great to outline our lips or shade them in! The formula is pretty creamy but it won’t break because it’s a pencil. It’s also versatile, you wear it by itself or underneath a lipstick or lipgloss or put Carmex or any lip balm on top and it will look great!

Makeup I Want To Buy!

I love making these posts, in fact I made 2 others similar to this, linked below, and you guys like it too! I think it’s great to share what products I’m looking out for and I encourage you to either post this too or tell me what you want to buy the the comments below! Don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Milk- Hydro Grip Primer Mini, $15 (Full Size $30)

As the name suggests it’s supposed to hydrate your skin while making your makeup stay on all day! I got a tester of it from Sephora and I tried it out and loved it! It also smells good which was an unexpected bonus. I prob won’t buy this until August because I only wear primer for school so I don’t need to buy it until then and have it expiring and taking up space, but I can’t wait to have it!

2.NYX- Blotting Paper, $4

Blotting Paper sounds perfect for me, it’s to talk oil off of your face so your makeup looks good and like you just applied it in the middle of the day and I have combo skin but know that it’s summer my skin is more oily so this will be needed. You might be asking why these ones though, I looked on ULTA for cheap blotting paper and this came up and it doesn’t have bad reviews and I love NYX and there cheap so why not try them!

3. L.A. Girl Precision Lip Liner, $2.99

My new obsession has been lipliners, I talked about this in my Ride or Die Tag but I’ll talk about it again, I LOVE lining my lips with a lipliner and then putting Carmex on top of it! Now I want every lip liner ever and one of my fav YouTubers, JuicyJas, which I mentioned in my Favorite Beauty Gurus post, just made a Best Nude Lip Products video and y’all know I’m a sucker for nude lips so I watched it and she talked about these lipliners so now I need them!

4. Moira Beauty- Wanderlust Dream Eyeshadow Palette, $17

I was watching a Julia Mazzucato YouTube video and she was talking about Moira Beauty palettes and I have never heard anyone but her talk about them before so I went to their website saw so many beautiful eyeshadow palettes but I like this one the most because it has the neutrals that y’all know I love but it also has pops of colors!

5. Morphe

I always end these posts with a brand so for this one I choose Morphe. I’m sure some of you guys are shocked that I still haven’t tried Morphe and to be honest, so am I. They seem like a brand I would buy from but I still haven’t purchased from them!

Marshalls Makeup Haul! Beauty Bargains

Me the shopaholic is back with another haul! I honestly think it’s an issue how much I shop, it may not seem like I shop that much because I don’t have many hauls but trust I shop a lot! That’s why I like to buy drugstore makeup because it’s cheaper! And that’s also why I decided to go to Marshall’s! I’m on Summer Break so I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube and I was in a rabbit hole of watching TJMax and Marshall shop with me’s so I decided to check it out for myself and it was soooooo much fun! You can get highend makeup for cheap! I think this can be a new series, Beauty Bargains, were I show you guys high end makeup for cheap. Comment what great stuff you have found at Marshall’s and don’t forget to like and follow!

1. Too Faced- Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick, $5.99 (Originally $21)

This was SUCH a steal! I was gonna get the shade Peekaboo but it was too pink so I got Hopeless Romantic which was the most nude shade they had, there and online which is a shame because y’all know I love my nudes! This shade is more peachy and bright so I wanted to wear it as a pop of color but it’s not bright enough which in theory is good because I don’t like bright shades but it’s in the weird middle of wearable and a pop of color so I don’t know how much use I will get out of it but it’s pretty and the packaging is to die for! That was a long run on sentence, oops.

2. E.l.f- Mad For Matte Nude Mood Eyeshadow Palette, $3.99 (Originally $10)

Unfortunately this came broken and I knew that because I opened it in the store but it’s fine cause only 2 shades were broken so I went home out rubbing alcohol in it and it was fixed. The shades that I fixed weren’t as pigmented as the others but it’s fine, then the next day I broke those same two shades again, ugh! All the other shades are amazing! They are pigmented and blend out great and are shades I use all the time! I used it a couple times and have made some Looks I really love!

3. Forever 21-Brush Set, $7.90

I didn’t get this at Marshall’s I got it at Forever 21 but I regret not waiting because I went to Forever 21 before I went to Marshall’s and I got a brush set at F21 but they were wayyyyy cheaper at Marshall’s! It’s fine though because I got the big powder brush for travel so I haven’t used it yet but the small pencil brush is great! I don’t think I will use the medium stippling brush because it’s not tapered enough for highlighter but it’s a weird shaper as a blender brush so we’ll what happens.

21 Summer Outfits!

I think Spring/Summer fashion is the cutest and it’s when I get to experiment more with colors and print so naturally I love this time of year! Sometimes though I’m overwhelmed by all the endless options for outfits so today I have 21 outfit ideas that hopefully give you a starting part for outfits of your own! I tried to incorporate different styles but I think the outfits I choose are all similar to my style so sorry if they aren’t your style, but Summer is a great time to experiment with different clothes and styles. Comment below your favorite outfit. Don’t forget to like and follow!

Rid Or Die Tag!

I talk about a lot of makeup here on my blog but today I want to talk to you about my Ride or Die Products! This tag was created by Jaclyn Hill which is one of my fav YouTubers and I mentioned her in my Best Beauty Gurus post. I’m gonna paste something from the description box of that video, “Rules: List your ride or die cosmetic products from each category (foundation, blush, mascara, lip products, etc.). If you could only take ONE from each category to a desert island, which would you choose?” In a couple months I plan on updating this tag so let me know if you guys would be interested in that! I tag everyone to do this tag because I would love to hear everyone’s Ride or Dies and it would take to long and to much space to tag everyone. Comment below what products are your Ride or Dies that I need to try next. Don’t forget to Like and Follow!

Primer- E.l.f. Mineral Infused Primer, $5.99

This primer helps keep my makeup on all day and it makes my makeup last through sports and me working out. It is a really smooth primer and feels like silk on the skin.

Foundation- E.l.f Flawless Finish Foundation, $6

This foundation is light to medium coverage and looks beautiful on the skin. This foundation isn’t too matte and isn’t too oily, it’s that perfect in between. Not to mention it’s e.l.f. and I love all of e.l.f’s products that I have tried.

Concealer- Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer, $6.99

This concealer is weightless and natural looking. I also love the packaging and how there is a sponge applicator! I have used 1/4 of it which is a lot for me because I don’t wear concealer a lot I just got it a couple months ago.

Powder- Wet n Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder, $4.99

This has been my favorite powder for a year, it was in my yearly favorites, monthly favorites, and more posts about best makeup. This powder is perfect for use I don’t wear foundation or concealer everyday so I need a powder with some coverage and this one is perfect for me. It has a little bit of sheen to it so it looks natural.

Contour- Wet n Wild Contouring Duo Palette, $5.49

This duo has a contour and a powder both of which are good but I like my other Wet n Wild better then the powder in that duo. Both of the products have a lot of kickback in the pan, the powder more then the contour but it’s nothing that makes me not want to use it. It’s buildable and blendable, would recommend.

Bronzer- Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, $14.99

First of all, this bronzer smells like Tropical Heaven! It also is really smooth and buttery as the name suggests, and they have 8 shades which is great because bronzers rarely come out with that many shades. This bronzer is a cult favorite and for good reason!

Blush- Essence Satin Touch Blush, $2.99

I don’t wear blush because I have naturally really red cheeks but that doesn’t mean I don’t like blush. This blush is not Age and is not shimmery, it has a natural sheen to it which is beautiful”

Highlighter- Tarte Exposed Highlighter, $29

If I did this tag a month ago I would have said the L.A. Colors Glowtime Highlighter but now I’m saying the Tarte highlighter and trust me when I say that it was hard to choose but at the end of the day the Tarte Highlighter is what I wear the most and what is perfect for me, but I will always love the L.A. Colors highlighter!

Eyeshadow Palette- Wet n Wild Rosé in the Air Eyeshadow Palette, $5.29

They have these palettes in different shades but personally Rosé in the air is my favorite that I’ve tried so far. It has everything for a everyday makeup look, glam, warm tone Smokey eye, and many more looks. The formula isn’t the best but it definitely isn’t the worst, it blends well but not amazing and has great color pigmentation!

Mascara- It Cosmetics Superhero, $24

I wanted to put the Colormates classic mascara because it is my favorite but it’s really hard to find so I decided to put this one instead. This lengthens your lashes while adding volume and keeping it natural looking. The packaging is also really sleek and cool.

Eyebrow Pencil- E.l.f Eyebrow Pencil, $2

Surprisingly I haven’t talked about this eyebrow pencil a lot but it is my all time fav! I use it everyday and I feel like I need, I even have a backup because if I ever run out I need to have another one right away. I would totally recommend picking it up especially cause it’s only $2.


I haven’t found one I’m crazy about so comment down below your favorites and I’ll try them out!

Lipliner- NYX LipLiner, $4

I have this in the shade natural which is the perfect shade for me! I use this almost everyday, I’ll trace my lips with it and put Carmex on top and it’s perfect! You need to get this right now!

Lipstick- L.A. Colors Natural Shine Lipstick, $1

I don’t wear this that much any more because I’ve been wearing the lipliner Carmex duo but I still wear this and I still love it. It’s a pretty nude with a little bit of sheen.

Lipgloss- Wet n Wild High Shine Lip Gloss, $4.99

I have the shade Send Nudes and I love it for really glam looks! I think this a pretty nude that matches any look. I’m sorry that all these lip products are nudes but wha5 can I say, I love them!

Setting Spray- Water

I understand the benefits of setting spray and I want to try some but I can’t bring myself to buy something that is essential water so I put water in a spray bottle I got from Dollar Tree and spray my face and it works fine!